Where There’s a Sport, There’s a Perfect Snack to Match

From rugby to cricket, sports are deeply ingrained into Irish culture. We pretty much worship some of our favourite players and are ready to support them through thick and thin. Sports this deeply entangled in a country’s culture are usually steeped in widely-eaten snacks, drinks or meal traditions. To fully enjoy the Irish sports experience, you’ll have to grab one of these food gems to match.

Whether you’re trying to get the full experience at a stadium, heading over to a pub to celebrate a win, or ordering something like a burrito from a delivery app to celebrate at home with friends, there’s a perfect Irish dish waiting to be enjoyed on game day.

Footie pies to warm you up

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Football is perhaps Ireland’s most cherished sport, and there are loads of traditions behind what to eat whilst cheering on your favourite team. Since football games are usually in the midst of the cold and cloudy seasons of the year, traditional match snacks often come in the form of a warm, savoury pie. Steak and ale, kidney, or even curry-infused pies and pasties are some fans’ all-time favourite mid-game treats, whether they’re home or at the stadium. In the UK, pies are coupled with a hot cup of Bovril– a brothy, meaty beverage-soup hybrid that keeps football supporters warm as they battle cold winds on the bleachers. Regardless of who you’re cheering on, every football fan can agree that pies are the way to go.

Rugby delights

Rugby is one of those sports that fans in Ireland enjoy watching at a local sports pub with fellow hardcore fans. As the rugby season kicks in, supporters will be throwing on their team jerseys and rushing to their nearest watering hole to smash their beers together in celebration of the latest win. Pre-and-post-match eating traditions are pretty serious when it comes to Ireland’s rugby scene. Learning the most important etiquettes of the rugby pub experience is the best way to dip your toes into the world of Irish sports. Everyone will tell you that the typical beverage to have whilst enjoying a rugby match is a classic, foamy pint of Guinness. Soak up the beer with pork scratchings to top off quality time at the pub with your best mates.

Cricket with a side of chips

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Cricket is among the only sports that still allow alcohol in their stadiums, and they have a bunch of unique traditions when it comes to dining on match day. A much calmer sport than football or rugby, the spirit of every match is rather relaxed and mellow. Crispy fish and chips with beer is one tradition fans haven’t been able to shake off. For those attending a match in person, fish and chips are often served fresh from a food-truck, so they’ve got a truly authentic edge to their flavour and texture. For those watching at a local pub, you can grab this dish almost anywhere for the perfect mid-match meal.


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