Who Will Beat Tiger Woods? Golfers to Watch in the 2014 Masters

Although American favorite Tiger Woods is an early pick to win the 2014 Masters, Rory McIlroy, Graeme McDowell and Pádraig Harrington all stand a chance of taking home that legendary green jacket. 

CBS is the broadcaster for the 2014 Masters, which airs April 9-13th, and Ireland will be well represented in what is often considered the biggest golf match of the year.

Want to know whom to watch? We have the details:

Rory McIlroy

Although Backnine Network gave Tiger Woods top odds to win the 2014 Masters, they placed Rory McIlroy third, with odds of 12/1. It’s been a good year for McIlroy; he just agreed to return to the Scottish Open after five years away from the tournament, and is hoping to follow golfer Phil Mickelson’s example by winning the Scottish Open-Open Championship double. That would make McIlroy the second golfer in history to achieve this dual victory.

What about the Masters? Rory McIlroy may be thinking about Open-Opens right now, but we have no doubt that he’ll make a good showing at the Masters, using his signature style to take a strong lead. Will he beat Tiger Woods? Of all the Irish golfers this year, he is the most likely, and the one we’ll be watching with bated breath. Will McIlroy win that coveted green jacket? We’ll have to wait until April to see.

Graeme McDowell

Graeme McDowell’s odds of winning the Masters are significantly lower than McIlroy’s, but McDowell has one chief advantage: he beat Tiger Woods at Woods’ own Chevron World Championship in 2010. Can he dominate over Woods once again? Only time will tell.

Right now McDowell is a good mid-career golfer whom Backnine sets at 50/1 odds to win in April. This February, McDowell played 6-under 281 at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, just another in his series of strong finishes. We are rooting for him to achieve even greater success at the 2014 Masters, and would be quite happy to see him take Woods out a second time. Whether or not he gets the chance is debatable; however, his current ranking at the middle of the pack gives him the opportunity of becoming a sleeper player and taking a surprise — though not entirely unprecedented — victory.

Pádraig Harrington

Backnine gives Pádraig Harrington 150/1 odds of winning the 2014 Masters, but this doesn’t mean that Harrington isn’t a golfer to watch. He has previously won two Open Championships and one PGA Championship, and continues to finish well in tournaments like the recent Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

Of course, when looking at Harrington, we have to admit what we already know: that his tournament glory days are probably years behind him. He has not won a major championship since 2008, and his performance at the 2014 Masters will likely be strong, but perfunctory. We wish Harrington would have a chance to step into the lead once again, but are going to agree with Backnine’s 150/1 odds. This probably isn’t going to be Pádraig Harrington’s year.

The 2014 Masters are still months away, but expect plenty of speculation and odds as the famous tournament draws closer. Mark your calendars now for 9-13 April, so you can have a front-row seat as our best golfers compete for victory.


  1. This may sound crazy but do not be surprised if tiger woods us still no1 in the world still when he comes back from injury or in still in the worlds top 5, the majors and tournsments are up for grabs now anybody can win


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