Bob Bradley hits out at Swansea following Sacking

The American has admitted that he needed more time.

Former Swansea City manager Bob Bradley has today spoken about his disappointment and anger at being dismissed by the Welsh club.

The one-time United States and Egypt boss was relieved of his duties by the Premier League strugglers on Tuesday, having managed just two wins and seven defeats in eleven Premier League games.

Today, during an in-depth interview with TalkSPORT, Bradley criticised the Swansea board over their hasty decision:

‘I’m a little bit p****d off this morning. I don’t think it’s the correct decision.’

‘I believe in my work and I certainly knew that I was going into a difficult situation and I also understand that when you go in the clock’s already ticking, so it’s not like you’re expecting all sorts of time.’

‘The discussions we had always included the work that needed to be done in January – we had talked about players.’

‘I’m frustrated because I feel like every place I’ve been, I’ve been able to put my stamp on the team in terms of the mentality and the tactics.’

‘I think they need to realise that the work was good and even though the results haven’t been what we would have wanted, turning around a team at the bottom of the table and low on confidence is one of the most difficult things you can do as a manager.’

‘I knew when I came that I had to prove myself and I’m disappointed that in the short run we couldn’t do that, but it’s football and I don’t make excuses. In the whole time that I’ve been here I have never made excuses, I’ve never thrown a player under the bus – I’ve taken responsibility because I believe that’s how you lead.’

‘I hope that somewhere along the line I can find another opportunity to challenge myself and keep moving forward.’

‘I hope they will stay up, but I think there needs to be improvements in the squad in January – I said that when I arrived and I still think that’s the case. I think the discussions were going in a good direction.’

‘I think that Jason (Levien) and Steve (Kaplan) understand that the team needs to be improved and that means spending money in January to make it happen.’

Despite his protestations, it did not come as a surprise to many when Bradley was eventually let go by Swansea this week.

Rumours of the American’s methods being too old-fashioned resulted in the Welsh club’s players nicknaming their former boss ‘Ronald Reagan’, with the task of recovering from a seemingly lost dressing room a near-impossible feat for any manager.

Bradley never really looked at home in the Premier League, with his tactical shortcomings becoming all too evident over recent weeks.

Swansea had conceded 19 goals in their last 6 domestic games under the former Le Havre coach, not exactly the type of defensive record expected of a man who was brought in to steady the proverbial ship.

While he may be right when he says that Premier League sides are at times too hasty to give up on their coaches, it is also fair to say that the Swans had never looked worse than they did under the American.

In truth, Swansea never should have sacked predecessor Francesco Guidolin in the first place, but that’s an argument for another day.


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