Rumoured Tevez Contract would see Striker earn £1 per second

The former Manchester City and Juventus star could be set for a record-breaking payday.

Argentinian centre-forward Carlos Tevez will soon become the highest paid footballer in the history of the game.

According to multiple reports circulating on Wednesday morning, the Boca Juniors man is set to become the latest star name to seal a lucrative move to the Chinese Super League.

CSL side Shanghai Shenhua are the interested party, with Tevez seemingly confirming his departure from his beloved Boca Juniors with an emotional farewell on Sunday.

While leaving your boyhood club for the second time in your career may seem like a sacrilegious move to fans, it is hard to blame Tevez for his decision.

If early reports are to be believed, the fiery striker has been offered a wage that is so monumentally ridiculous, it makes the money earned by the world’s finest players look like pocket change.

Think Lionel Messi money, and then double that.

A complete breakdown of the contract reportedly on offer to the Argentinian international is highlighted below.

I must warn you in advance. This is not for the feint of heart…

Credit to Uber Football Facts Twitter 

Yep. Carlos Tevez looks set to earn a pound a second to play in a subpar league at 32 years of age.

If the reports (of which there are many) are true, then one would really have to question the direction that the beautiful game is heading.

There is no reason that any player should be earning 32 million pounds per year, especially one who only recently returned to his home country to wind down his career.

A wage cap will soon need to be taken into serious consideration by FIFA officials.


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