Celtic’s prodigious talent Dembele makes England U15 Debut

The youngster is at the centre of an international tug-of-war.

Karamoko Dembele is not a name that too many football fans would have been aware of prior to 2016.

The now 13-year-old was just another talented academy prospect… Until he made his debut for Celtic’s U20 side earlier this year.

Since then, it seems as though there has been a new highlight video of the teen popping up on the Internet every other week.

His name is now one of global recognition, while he has already been linked with a host of top European clubs.

However, it is the international future of Dembele which has been stealing the headlines over the last couple of months, with the Bhoy eligible to line out for any of England, Scotland or the Ivory Coast.

At the start of November, it looked as though the Scots may have managed a major coup, after Dembele appeared in a Victory Shield match versus Wales.

However, this past weekend, just six weeks after making his debut for the Scots, the scarily talented teen made a cameo appearance for England’s U15 side in a 5-2 victory over Turkey.

While the international future of Dembele cannot be confirmed until he makes his senior debut for either side (or the Ivory Coast), it certainly looks as though England have gained the upper hand in the fight for one of the world’s brightest young stars.


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