Clattenburg finishes up in Saudi Arabia

Mark Clattenburg has been replaced in his role as head of Saudi Arabian refeering after 18 months.

Clattenburg left his role as referee in the English Premier League in February 2017 for a deal in Saudi Arabia for a reported 325,000 a year. Fellow Premier League referee Howard Webb was in the role before Clattenburg made the journey to the middle east. He was a good ref for many punters with and he will be remembered as a very fair ref.

The Saudi Arabian twitter page confirmed the news and in a statement and said “The Saudi Football Federation has issued a decision appointing Mr Nabil Bin Khalid Naqshbandi as chairman of the board of governors, replacing Mark Clattenburg”.


The statement read further, “The decision to appoint Naqshbandi is part of the boards efforts to develop the system of work of the union to promote football in the Kingdom of the status that is appropriate to the world.”

Clattenburg has also confirmed the news but he was regarded as one England’s best referee’s at the time of his departure to the Middle East. In a television interview with Saudi Arabian broadcaster Al Arabiya, Clattenburg was critical of the standard of refeering in the country. He said “It’s one of those things, I had to many jobs”. He went on further to say they failed the basic  standards and laws of the game. It is not yet confirmed whether or not he will return to Englans to take up a similar post or not with the English FA. In 2016 he managed to referee the FA Cup FINAL, Champions League Final and Euro 2016 Final.

It now remains to be seen whether or not Clattenburg will return back to UK to take up a different role or similar role with the English FA.


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