FA introduce cards and warning for touchline behaviour

The English FA have today announced that manager behaving badly on the sidelines will be shown yellow and red cards just like the players themselves.

This is a pilot project and it builds on a review from the FA’s existing technical area of conduct. It will apply to the English Premier League, English Football League and English National League, it will also be used for the first round of the FA Cup, English League Cup and Checkatrade Trophy. The warnings are described as stage one warnings, but just like a players if these accumulate over time then the manager of the team will be given a 1 match touchline ban.

In the Premier League, referees will not show managers cards and their warnings will be done on a verbal basis. But unlike accumulations of yellow cards for players,  there will be no automatic reset after a certain amount of games. Looking at it in simple terms, 4 warnings will lead to an automatic 1 game ban, 8 warnings a 2 game ban, 12 warnings a 3 match match ban, 16 warnings will mean that the manager will be sanctioned ((by the FA disciplinary committee and will lead to a misconduct charge. In a statement released on Tuesday by the FA they said regarding on how the warnings will be issued, they said the warnings will be issued for inappropriate language or gestures “which are an obvious show of dissent or an attempt to influence the decisions of the match officials”, kicking or throwing water bottles or clothing, sarcastic clapping, waving imaginary cards and so on.
Shaun Harvey chief executive of the English Football League said rules for behaviour in the dugout or technical area are not new but the idea is to make the disciplinary procedure clearer to fans.He emphasised that it would add more clarity to the technical area and hopefully better behaviour. He said ”This is not about creating a drama. It is about making sure behaviour doesn’t decline further.”

In addition to cards for managers the FA also announced the introduction of competition specific suspensions for cards accumalated in the Premier League, English Football League, National League, FA Cup, League Cup and Checkatrade and FA trophies. This will mean that players whom receive 5 yellow cards in the first 19 games of a Premier League/English Football League season or 23 games in the National league will receive a 1 match ban. If they get 10 cautions in the first 32 games or the first 32 English Football league games then a one match ban will also be in place. A player that get 15 or more yellow cards in any league will also get a one match ban.


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