Great Britain to enter women’s soccer team into Tokyo Games

The Football Associations of Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales have agreed to allowing a British women’s team try to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan, FIFA announced on Monday.

Team GB has not competed in Olympic football tournaments due to mainly because it could tempt FIFA to force the four nations to report as a United Kingdom team on a permanent basis. At London 2012, these were put aside as a men’s took took part in the Olympics for the first time since 1972. A women’s team competed for the first time at them games in 2012. However, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland opposed the combination team which meant that no team was sent to Rio in 2016.

FIFA has always said that sanctioning a British football team was always available. However, this was based on the Football Association, Irish Football Association, Wales Football association and Scotland Football association agreeing to it. After much debates and meetings this agreement has been met but has only been gone through for the women’s team. The Organising Committee for FIFA competition said in a statement on Monday, ” they said they had now received written confirmation” from the four associations which confirmed their desire to have a women’s team in Tokyo.

England are one of the top ranked teams in women’s soccer ranked 3rd, they are the nominated country to try qualify for the 2020 games. However, this will mean that they will need to be one of the top three European teams at next year’s Women’s World Cup which will take place in France


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