I’ve seen it repeated 10 times, it was a penalty – Brazil’s Luiz Scolari

Brazil manager Luiz ‘Big Phil’ Scolari insists that the penalty decision which changed their World Cup opening game against Croatia was correctly given.

Brazil ran out 3-1 winners in Sao Paulo’s Arena Corinthians, but with the game level at 1-1, the decision to award a penalty to Brazil when Fred went down under

“Thousands didn’t see the penalty?,” Scolari questioned after the gamge. “The referee saw it and he is the one that decides. We also think it was a penalty. I have seen it repeated 10 times on TV. For me it was a penalty, there are things that everyone interprets differently. It is the interpretation of the referee.”

Scolari was also left thanking the referee when Brazil’s star Neymar was issued a yellow card when he elbowed Croatian Luka Modric in the neck. But the two goal hero insisted he didn’t mean to strike the Real Madrid star despite appearing to look at Modric before elbowing him under the dropping ball.

“It’s complicated when you get a yellow card in the first match. My elbow hit Modric’s face and I actually wanted to apologise as I didn’t see it happening. If the referee saw mischief, he could have given a card, but there was no mischief at all.”


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