Manchester United remain most valuable club in Europe

Man United remain the most valuable club in Europe a study on the current teams has revealed.

The report looked at 32 teams in European football based on numerous factors including social media popularity, success in European competitions and aggregate revenue over three seasons. The clubs were then ranked in order in terms of these reasons. The KPMG study as of January 1st found that United came out on top in terms of the most valuable club in Europe. Real Madrid and Barcelona were closely followed behind United. In terms of club worth United were valued at 3.255 billion-euro, Real Madrid 2.92 billion euro and Barcelona at 2.783 billion euro.

Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich are fourth in the rankings with a value of 2.552 billion-euro, Manchester City are behind them on 2.16 billion euro. The report also shows the power of the Premier league in terms of broadcasting rights and the money in which the clubs in the league earn for these deals which help bring raise their estimated value in terms of how much the club is worth, Arsenal is shown as 2.102 billion euro, Chelsea 1.765 billon euro, Liverpool 1.580 billion euro and Tottenham 1.3 billion euro. In addition, other teams that make the top most valuable clubs in Europe include Leicester at 596 million 16th on the list, West Ham on 531 million 16th on the list and Everton on 512 million at number 19 on the list.

KPMG Global head of global sport said in a statement ‘’ Despite this year’s overall aggregate growth being lower than last 14% growth, the football industry continues to rise’’. He went on to say further “One of the reasons for this growth can be found in the significant influence exercised by English clubs, as well as the improved financial health of many mid-size clubs within the ranking, which also reflects compliance with the UEFA FFP (Financial Fair Play) Regulations.”

European club enterprise value ranking Top 10

1 Manchester United €3.255bn

2 Real Madrid €2.92bn

3 Barcelona €2.783bn

4 Bayern Munich €2.552bn

5 Manchester City €2.16bn

6 Arsenal €2.102bn

7 Chelsea €1.765bn

8 Liverpool €1.580bn

9 Juventus €1.302bn

10 Tottenham €1.3bn


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