Real Madrid’s Zinedine Zidane has his say on who is best. Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has his say on the best in the world, coaching and knowing the coach is always to blame for the defeat.

When asked who was the best player in the world, former Real Madrid Manager Rafa Benitez refused to say Cristiano Ronaldo. It created some unrest at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. When asked whether Barcelona’s Lionel Messi was the best in the world, current manager, Zinedine Zidane didn’t make the same mistake.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is the best. You can say many things about Cristiano Ronaldo, but he is a good person at heart. Messi is the rival and the rivalry is good for the football. It’s what people want to see.”

No awkward moments in the dressing room at least. The French great was speaking to The Mexico Record an went into his decision to become a coach.

From player to coach

“I never thought that one day could be a coach. When you finish playing, you only think about taking advantage to spend a little time with family… I liked being on the field, because it is what I knew who to do. The rest did not know. ”

“Yes I have (felt like playing), but that can not be. I can not enter the field. The feeling when I’m on the bench is different. Now I have a different pressure than when I was on the field, where I could work things out. Now the players decide. ”

He understands coaches more now that he sits in the hot seat. But there is nothing different in that in football, all that matters is winning. He’s not worried. It is hard not to believe with the players he has around the field and those who praise them, but demands concentration of his players as he knows the dream does end.

“Playing for Real Madrid is a dream, we are lucky to be here. And we have to be aware of that. The coach is always to blame for the defeat. But you assume that responsibility, with the good and bad. ”

“I can tell you in training, during a game and know what they have to do. When they have the ball, there is every player who has to know what to do to help the team defensively. When they do not need to defend all, that’s my concept. The best way to avoid having to run or defend both, is to have the ball. “


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