Slots Machines Honouring Sporting Legends

Having a bet on a sporting event is of course something many people enjoying doing to make their viewing experience a tad more exciting.

However, what you may be unaware of when you are next in a gambling frame of mind is that there are lots of slot machines you can play online or on a mobile device, as opposed to having to visit a casino or amusement arcade, pub or club to play them.

Many of the slot games and fruit machines you can access at an online casino site or via a casino app are actually themed and branded around some of the best known sports stars and sporting legends!

If you are a fan of horse racing for example then the Frankie Dettori’s Magic 7 slot game is going to be worth playing at it celebrates the amazing fete achieved back in September 1996 when Frankie Dettori won all seven races at Ascot.

It is not only jockeys who have their own namesake slot machines, for you will come across slot machines online that remember some of the very best football players of all time.

With that in mind look out for the Football Legends slot that has been designed by a company called Playtech for that slot has reel symbols depicting some of the best players through the decades such as Pele, Bobby Charlton and Michel Platini to name a few!

One thing you may appreciate is that when you sign up to an online or mobile casino site that is owned by a well known bookmaker or betting related company is that they often cross promote their gaming sites offers, so by signing up to such a site you can claim slot machine bonuses and a range of free bets too.

If you do fancy learning more about the bonus offers and types of sporting themed and branded slot games you can play online we would suggest you pay a visit to as they have full reviews on all of the top rated casino sites and also review a huge number of different casino games too.

In fact, it is not only slot machines you are going to find come with some form of sports related theme as there are plenty of additional games you can play online, for free or for real money. Many card and table games, video poker games and some unique arcade games can also be accessed and played online too.

Plus, thanks to the next generation of true skill based games you will find all manner of games on which your skill at playing them can and will affect the chances of you winning, so if you like playing Darts, Football or even Bowling you will find plenty of games you will have a ball playing.

Just make sure you do play at licensed and regulated casino sites as that way you will be guaranteed of being able to access certified fair games and also will never have a problem when it comes to you cashing out and receiving your winnings in a timely fashion!


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