The Best Fantasy Football Picks For The World Cup 2018

If you want to make the World Cup even more exciting than it already is, you can create a fantasy team and enter a huge jackpot competition online.

It is fantastic fun to get the chance to be the ultimate manager and picking the players you think are going to perform best at the world most prestigious event. There are many world stars to choose from which makes it a difficult task along with having to stay within a set budget when buying players. In this article, I will go through the best picks that you should consider putting on your fantasy team.




A position that many players neglect when choosing a fantasy football team is the goalkeeper position. Many have spent all of their budgets on outfield players which mean they are left with almost no money to buy a goalkeeper. This is a huge mistake as if you pick one that keeps clean sheets most games, you will rack up a big points total. It is also vital you choose one that will make it all the way to the competition or the points that you are able to earn will stop once the group stages are complete.


Top Goalkeeper Picks


#1: Hugo Lloris – France

#2: Thibaut Courtois – Belgium

#4: Manuel Neuer – Germany




It does not matter how many goals your team scores if you can not keep a clean sheet. The points you score from your forwards will be less due to losing points by conceding goals. A balanced approach to fantasy foot is the best which is why you need to pay close attention to the defenders. The best types of choices are the ones that can get goals and keep a clean sheet.


Top Defender Picks


#1: Samuel Umtiti – France

#2: Marcos Rojo – Argentina

#3: David Luiz – Brazil

#4: Jan Vertonghen – Belgium




When you are choosing midfield players always consider ones that you feel could pick up the man of the match award. In most fantasy sports leagues you get extra points for this so it can make a big difference to where you finish in the league. You will want to choose a player that is able to do it all and provide assists, goals and drive their team all the way to the final.

Top Midfield Picks


#1: Toni Kroos – Germany

#2: Paul Pogba – France

#3: Kevin De Bruyne – Belgium

#4: Mohamed Salah – Egypt




When it comes to strikers you are spoilt for choice with the best every player of the game all going to the world cup 2018. You will not be able to afford to pick them all so you will need to carefully choose the one you think whose team will go all the way and will get you the most points. Brazil has the best team in the competition so Neymar makes excellent value compared with Messi and Ronaldo.


Top Striker Picks


#1: Neymar – Brazil

#2: Lionel Messi – Argentina

#3: Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal

#4: Romelu Lukaku – Belgium

#5: Harry Kane – England




There are many amazing players that are going to the world cup 2018, it is going to make choosing a fantasy team for the competition extremely hard. Try entering a few online competitions make a few changes to your squad to improve your chances of winning one of the jackpot prizes.




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