UEFA lifts alcohol ban at Champions League games

UEFA’s decision to allow fans to consume alcohol at Champions League and Europa League games from the start of the 2018-2019 season has been welcomed by many groups including the Football Supporters Europe (FSB).

The governing body has amended the regulation in place which prohibited the sale and distribution of alcohol at games. However, it is subject to approval regarding local and national laws. This will mean that supporters will be able to enjoy a pint in the stands at games, it is already allowed in Germany. However, it isn’t permitted in England but the rule change will mean that it alcohol will be allowed to be consumed in the stadium but not in the seats of supporters.

The FSE released a statement on Tuesday supporting the new amendment, they said “For a long time football supporters have felt unfairly treated in comparison with fans of other sports like rugby to say the least”. The statement added “With alcoholic beverages offered at stadia, it could be reasonably expected that supporters might enter the stadium earlier, leading to less congestion and better crowd management on entry, and a consequent positive impact on general safety and security”.

It is likely this will have a positive impact for supporters as they will now be able to consume alcohol at games. It will allow fans to get in early and enjoy a beer or two before the game before they take their seats especially in England.


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