Video: Game-winning Screamer Ruled out by ref’s Whistle

The stuff of nightmares…

Imagine the scene… You move into the final few seconds of injury time in a hard-fought match… The scores are level as the ball drops from the night sky right in front of you… You see your name in lights, and catch the sweetest volley of your career on your trusty right foot… The ball rifles into the top corner… The fans go wild… And you’re into the second round of the FA Cup.


No, this is not some kind of sick joke.

This is precisely what happened to Javier Favarel during Whitehawk FC’s most recent fixture.

After welcoming Stourbridge to The Enclosed Ground for their FA Cup first round tie, the Sussex side were denied a most sensational and timely winner by the referee.

With the match at 1-1, substitute Favarel smashed home what he thought was the winner, but a split second before he connected with the ball, the referee had blown the final whistle.

Chaos ensued, as players from the home side understandably surrounded the referee, with ‘Hawk goalkeeper Ross Flitney taking his protests so far that he managed to get himself sent off and subsequently suspended for the replay.


Something tells us that this ref won’t be welcomed back to The Enclosed Ground any time soon…


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