Who Could Imagine This World Cup Scenario?

This year’s FIFA World Cup has been intense and unexpected. First and foremost, the teams that were supposed to win it all were battered badly. Teams that didn’t stand a chance somehow made it through to the finals. There is a pretty good chance that nobody could have predicted this scenario. Even fans of Croatia and France probably wouldn’t have guessed it. So, what causes this year’s cup to end with a showdown between Croatia and France? You’ll find out below.


Germany was undoubtedly one of the favorites heading into the World Cup. Unfortunately, their dreams were ended prematurely. The team lost to Mexico and then Korea. While they did beat Sweden, they were ultimately eliminated from the tournament after their stunning 2 to nothing loss to the Korea Republic. Had Germany managed to keep it together, they would have easily been one of the favorites to win it all. Instead, their loss paved the way for other teams to steal the spotlight and they undoubtedly did just that.


Despite having lousy odds coming into the cup, Russia managed to surprise everyone. Their biggest upset came when they beat Spain on penalty kicks. Spain was the big favorite heading into the match. Nevertheless, Russia managed to gain support from the locals and they secured the big win. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t last long. Russia would soon be ousted by Croatia, which would go on to compete for the cup.


Brazil has always been one of the best countries in terms of soccer. They put a hurting on Mexico, but their dreams would quickly be shot down too. The team faced off against Belgium on July the 6th. Despite being the favorites heading into the game, Brazil was ultimately beaten with a final score of 1 to 2. Again, this helps provide other less-known teams with a chance to vie for the spotlight. According to CasinoMatters, Brazil was the favorite heading into the World Cup. There is a good chance that gamblers lost big on this one.


England was also a pretty big favorite to win the cup. However, that would not last. As soon as the games started, the team started showing signs of weakness. They struggled and barely won many of their games. Fans knew it probably wouldn’t be long before they were eliminated for good. That happened on July the 11th when they faced off again Croatia. England ultimately lose 2 to 1 and Croatia moved onto the World Cup final.


While France has always been a big soccer country, nobody expected them to make it to the final this year. Nevertheless, they’ve managed to do it. France won a hard-fought game against Argentina. Then, they went on to beat Uruguay and Belgium. Now, France is scheduled to face off against Croatia. That game will take place on July the 15th. France will be the favorite heading int the match. However, it is already clear that anything could happen. Therefore, there is a good chance that Croatia could go home with the win. Either way, nobody saw this scenario coming.


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