Women’s soccer in the Legends Football League of Australia


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Title: Gambling Sponsors in the Legends Football League of Australia – the beautiful game of soccer

Description:The formation of the soccer league, popularity, and criticism among fans. Legends Football League of Australia with the support of Gambling Sponsors.

Women’s soccer in the Legends Football League of Australia

A celebration of sportsmanship awaits anyone who has ever been to a soccer game. Moreover, soccer fans have been looking forward to something more interesting and exciting than the usual rivalry between two teams. The emergence of the Women’s Soccer League opened up new facets of the championship, which undoubtedly pleased a large part of the male fans.

The Legends Cup Appearance

The Lingerie Bowl games originally appeared as an alternative to the Super Bowl in 2004. It was broadcast on a pay-per-view channel and attracted many fans, with female athletes wearing helmets, arm, and leg protectors, bras, and underwear. The candid sportswear in a brutal power struggle only added to the successful game concept. Already in 2009, the first season of the Lingerie Football League, or LFL for short, was formed.

Ten teams participated in the tournament, and the matches took place in large arenas for professional teams. A total of 6 out of nine Lingerie Bowl cups were played, and three seasons were canceled for various reasons.

  • Lingerie Bowl 2004, with the participation of Team Dream and Team Euphoria, where the former emerged as the tournament’s winner.
  • Lingerie Bowl 2005 ended with a convincing victory of Los Angeles Temptation, which won 3 times in a row from 2010 to 2012, which shows the best results of the championship of that format.

Since 2012, the games officially began to precede the Super Bowl instead of the entertainment alternative, and the name of the championship was changed to Legends Football League.

As for the rules, they are not much different from the classic competition. The match takes place on the field, the distance between the end zones is 45.72 meters, 27 meters wide and the depth of the end zone is 7.3 meters. The game lasts 4 quarters of 10 minutes each with a 12-minute break and 30 minutes in the championship if the match ends in a draw, another period of 8 minutes, and lasts until the first goal.

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Criticism of the Legends Football League

Since its inception, the Women’s League has been the subject of fierce debate in feminist and women’s rights circles. The overtly feminine uniforms deliberately emphasized female athletes, sometimes disregarding safety grounds. 

On the other hand, female athletes pointed out that most women’s competitions rarely had less revealing outfits. Take beach volleyball or track and field, for example, where uniforms are open primarily for comfort. The players themselves have been reticent about the uniforms. For them, it is more important functionality and the process rather than what they will wear.

After playing two games within the Australian mainland, the plan was to launch their own Australian LFL by the end of 2013. However, after playing one season in Australia in February 2014, the LFL Australia Legends Cup had to take a forced break due to broadcast problems. Eventually, a disagreement with the league’s chief commissioner led to the coaching staff and many players transferring to the Ladies Gridiron League, which separated from the LFL into an independent organization.

Legends Football League Sponsors

It’s hard to imagine any sport without investing in development, as well as being able to broadcast the event to viewers. One of the biggest sponsors in most sports is the Coca-Cola Company, sponsoring virtual competitions and the LFL. So naturally, the women’s league is no different from other competitions, where winning can bring joy to the members and fans.

Popular betting organizations also take the opportunity to broadcast to a wide range of viewers, offering both financial support for LFL teams and the chance to earn in the match. Analyzing the success of the clubs’ performances easily makes it possible to highlight the most productive teams of the Legendary League.

  • Los Angeles Temptation
  • Chicago Bliss
  • Seattle Mist
  • Victoria Maidens
  • Western Australia Angels

Beginning in April 2020, the Legends Football League has been restructured and called the X League. 

The current positioning of teams in the 2022 season

Club name Colors Place on the table Number of points
Atlanta Empire Red Black 1 100
Chicago Blitz Orange Blue 2 100
Seattle Thunder Green Black 3 50


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