World Cup Betting Odds: Who will qualify from Group D?

The World Cup fever is here, and football fans across the world are having a time of their lives. This time around, we are already off to an unbelievable start as Germany was left “crestfallen” after Mexico defeated them at 1-0. Needless to say, it’s getting totally unpredictable which makes watching the matches even more interesting.

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World Cup also holds a special place for the gamblers as there is nothing quite like sports betting. After all, with such a huge variety of sportsbooks on the Internet that offer seamless betting service, you can’t help but have your share of betting fun. In fact, it’s become a part of the FIFA tradition at this point. That said, it helps to learn about the odds and the different strengths/weaknesses of the participating teams.

World Cup Group D Odds

If you a big World Cup fan, you are sure to enjoy the Group D matches. For starters, it has Leo Messi (Argentina) from whom the world expects a lot of action. However, other teams including Nigeria, Croatia, and the great entertainers Iceland, the matches are surely going to pack a punch.

Let’s review each team individually along with their odds:


Even though Lionel Messi is banned for four World Cup qualifiers, the team did well without him and as we all know it, it’s already here in World Cup 2018 and playing to their best form now that he is also in the team.

Although Messi is easily one of the biggest strengths of Argentina, they have many other good players including Angel Di Maria, Gonzalo Higuain, and Sergio Aguero.

The following are the odds for Argentina:

  • Win the World Cup: 9/1
  • Win Group D: 8/13
  • Lionel Messi to win the Golden Boot: 8/1


Nigeria has to be thankful to Alex Iwobi who scored a critical goal against Zambia in October that made it possible for the team to qualify for the World Cup. However, now as they look to face Argentina on June 26, the fun-factor is bound to be at a solid high. After all, millions of African fans would be watching their home-country to play in their 6th World Cup.

The following are the odds for Nigeria:

  • Win the World Cup: 150/1
  • Win Group D: 8/1
  • Kelechi Iheanacho to win the Golden Boot: 150/1


Croatia has given its share of kick-ass performances on the grounds. 2 times they have made it to the quarterfinals of the European Championships, and once even finished third in the 1998 World Cup, their first ever. However, they are yet to win an international tournament. This World Cup, with top performers including Ivan Rakitic, Mario Mandzukic, and Luka Modric, they may surprise us all.

The following are the odds for Croatia:

  • Win the World Cup: 150/1
  • Win Group D: 8/1
  • Mario Mandzukic to win the Golden Boot: 66/1


It’s Iceland’s second appearance at any international tournament ever, and it’s their debut at the FIFA world cup which is quite interesting on its own. However, when they played against one of the strongest contenders i.e. Argentina earlier, they took everyone by surprise by holding Argentina to draw as Messi’s penalty was saved. The match finished 1-1.

Since 9 players on Iceland’s team score goals plenty of goals for the nation, we can expect more action in the upcoming matches.

The following are the odds for Iceland:

  • Win the World Cup: 200/1
  • Win Group D: 10/1
  • Alfred Finnbogason to win the Golden Boot: 66/1

The World Cup is the hottest sensation today with millions of fans rooting for their favourite countries. Which ones are your favourite, and which ones have you put your money on?



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