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Martin O Neill:”A number of players who have declared more than...

Republic of Ireland boss Martin O'Neill has indicated that a number of Premier League player's could be interested in representing the Republic of Ireland.

Noel King set for short term reign as Republic of Ireland...

The last thing a new manager wants is a heavy defeat in their first outing. Noel King, the current under-21 manager, should take charge of the trip to Germany and home game against Kazakhstan.

Lots of positives for new Republic of Ireland manager

The hunt is on for a new Republic of Ireland football manager after Giovanni Trapattoni's reign petered out last weekend.

Denis O’Brien to pay wages of new Republic Of Ireland manager

Ireland’s hunt for a new manager received a boost yesterday when John Delaney revealed that telecoms tycoon Denis O’Brien will continue to sign the cheques for whoever takes the hot seat.

Leading candidates to be next Republic of Ireland football manager

With Trapattoni’s time as Ireland manager looking increasingly fraught perhaps it is time to take a look around to see who is available when it comes to Irish managerial talent not currently attached to a club.