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GAA Fixture Dates – All Ireland Super 8’s explained

With the new structure of the Super 8’s this year there will more games for spectators to go throughout the months of July and August. The way the Super 8’s will work is the four provincial champions and the four winning teams from round four of the qualifiers compete in two groups of four teams.

Can the GAA stay relevant in a competitive sports market?

We don't think the All-Ireland football championship "Super 8" will keep the GAA relevant, we look at the problem and give a solution.

Club Players Don’t Want Super 8

Over 60% of club players are against the new ‘Super 8’ round-robin series replacing the All-Ireland Senior Football Quarter-Finals from 2018.

KELLY’S EYE – A Hurling ‘Super 8’ Model to Rival Football’s...

As the dust settles on GAA Congress’ momentous decision to scrap the All-Ireland senior football quarter-finals in favour of two round-robin groups, the hurling community has spoken out seeking a similar set-up.