Sunday live GAA score updates

Live score updates from the Ulster, Leinster & Munster championship Football

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Leinster SFC quarter-finals
Carlow 1-12 1-12 Meath, Tullamore FT

Munster SFC semi-final
Cork 0-17 0-12 Kerry, Páirc Uí Chaoimh FT

Ulster MFC quarter-final
Aramgh 0-19 4-11 Tyrone, Morgan Athletic Grounds FT

Leinster SFC quarter-finals
Longford 0-15 1-13 Wexford, Tullamore FT

Ulster SFC quarter-final
Armagh 1-13 0-19 Tyrone, Morgan Athletic Grounds FT

Live commentary
5:33pm Tyrone win by three.
5:32pm Stunning comeback by Wexford, they win by one.
5:31pm Stephen O’Neill and Jamie Clarke exchange points. Tyrone lead by two
5:31pm Red Barry has put Wexford in front, what a comeback.
5:30pm Ben Brosnan levels it up for Wexford.
5;28pm Adrian Flynn gets Wexford back to within one point.
5:28pm Martin Penrose extends the Tyrone lead to two points with an easy free.
5:26pm Peter Harte kicks Tyrone back in front. Ben Brosnan kicks a point for Wexford.
5:25pm Brian Mallon kicks a free from 50yards for Armagh, some performance by 14men.
5:24pm Poor wide by Ben Brosnan, Wexford needed that score.
5:23pm Its Sean McCormack once again for Longford.
5:22pm Brian Mallon kicks another free, Armagh only one down.
5:21pm Shane Roche gets Wexford back to two down, Armagh also back within two.
5:20pm Another long range point from Ben Brosnan for Wexford.
5:19pm Jamie Clarke kicks Armaghs tenth wide
5:18pm McCormack extends the Longford lead to four.
5:16pm Nice point from Ben Brosnan for Wexford
5:15pm Kevin Dyas sent off the Armagh team.
5;14pm Penrose for Tyrone and Barden for Longford. Armagh and Wexford need goals.
5:12pm Sean McCormack kicks Longford three up.
5:11pm Tyrone go two points ahead. Martin Penrose with the score.
5:10pm Longford have another great goal chance, Paul Barden misses this time.
5:08pm Shane Roche gets a badly needed point for Wexford.
5:07pm McParland kicks his second point for Armagh.
5:05pm Terrible kick out from Wexford keeper, Kelly gets a point for Longford.
5:02pm Gavin McParland kicks Armaghs second point in a minute.
5:01pm Jamie Clarke for Armagh.
5:00pm Martin Penrose for Tyrone and Shane Roche for Wexford.
4:59pm Sean McCormack extends the Longford lead to two points.
4:56pm Brian Mallon gets the opening score of the second half for Armagh.
4:50pm Teams coming out for the second half, would have to fancy Tyrone and Longford to win.
4:39pm Paul Barden kicks his third point of the day for Longford, they go in one up.
4:38pm Brian Kavanagh with a great point from play levels it up for Longford.
4:37pm Brian Mallon hits a 45′ wide, Armagh are three down at half time.
4:35pm Micky Quinn kick Longford back to within a point.
4:34pm Dermot Carlin the Tyrone corner back kicks the point of the weekend.
4:33pm Martin Penrose also gives Tyrone a two point lead.
4:32pm Shane Roche kicks Wexford two points ahead.
4:30pm Wexford go in front in what is a low scoring contest.
4:28pm Poor wide from Jamie Clarke, he is kicking from crazy angles.
4:26pm Shane Roche levels it up for Wexford.
4:26pm Mark Donnelly puts Tyrone in front.
4:25pm Sean McCormack kicks Longford ahead against Wexford.
4:24pm Jamie Clare is fouled and Aidan Forker kicks the free, the sides are level.
4:22pm Former AFL player Dyas kicks a score from forty yards for Armagh.
4:20pm Wexford kick their fourth wide, Stephen O’Neill kicks a great score for Tyrone
4:20pm Jamie Clarke kicks another classy point from play for Armagh.
4:19pm Shane Mulligan levels it up for Longford.
4:18pm Eoin Mulligan kicks Tyrone two up
4:17pm Two poor wides by Tyrone.
4:15pm Peter Harte puts Tyrone in front.
4:15pm Martin Penrose kicks Tyrone level.
4:15pm Paul Barden has a goal chance for Longford but he hits it wide.
4:13pm Nice point from play by Jamie Clarke for Armagh.
4:12pm Eoin Mulligan kicks Tyrone level.
4:11pm Colm Kavanagh kicks his second point of the afternoon.
4:11pm Stunning GOAL for Red Barry for Wexford.
4:10pm PJ Banville gets Wexford’s first score.
4:09pm Aidan Folker gets a GOAL for Armagh.
4:05pm Colm Kavanagh kicks a great point for Tyrone.
4:03pm Paul Barden kicks his second point for Longford.
4:02pm Joe McMahon levels it up for Tyrone.
4:01pm Paul Barden opens the scoring for Longford.
4:00pm Brian Mallon puts Armagh in front after just one minute.
3:57pm Armagh v Tyrone team news
Armagh – P McEvoy; A Mallon, B Donaghy, D McKenna; A Kernan, C McKeever, F Moriarty; K Toner, M Mackin; A Forker, K Dyas, A Duffy; J Clarke, B Mallon, C Rafferty.

Tyrone – Pascal McConnell, Aidan McCrory, Justin McMahon, Dermot Carlin, Cathal McCarron, Conor Gormley, Sean O’Neill, Joe McMahon, Colm Cavanagh, Ronan McNabb, Mark Donnelly, Peter Harte, Martin Penrose, Stephen O’Neill, Owen Mulligan

3:55pm Longford v Wexford team news

Longford – D Sheridan; D Brady, B Gilleran, D Reilly; C Smith, M Quinn, S Mulligan; B McElvanney, J Keegan; D Barden, P Barden, N Mulligan; D McElligott, B Kavanagh, S McCormack.

Wexford – Anthony Masterson, Niall Murphy, Greame Molloy, Rob Tierney, Adrian Flynn, Brian Malone, Lee Chin, Daithí Waters, Rory Quinlivan, Paddy Byrne, Shane Roche, Ben Brosnan, Ciaran Lyng, Eric Bradley, Redmond Barry.

3:33pm Cork beat Kerry by five points.
3:32pm Its full time in Tullamore, it a replay between Meath and Carlow.
3:31pm JJ Smith with a GOAL levels it up for Carlow.
3:31pm Donal O’Neill scores for Cork, that should be it.
3:30pm Carlow now down to 13, Dereck Hayden once again sent off for a second yellow.
3:29pm Three minutes injury time at both venues.
3:27pm Paul Reid is sent off for Carlow for striking a Meath player.
3:26pm Kerry and Carlow both three points behind and need goals.
3:24pm Darren O’Sullivan had a goal chance but it goes over the bar. Kerry still three behind.
3:23pm Great play by Cian Ward sets up Graham Reily for a point for Meath.
3:22pm Sub Danial Goulding has scored his second point for Cork.
3:20pm Micky Burke brings Meath two up, its Donncha O’Connor for Cork.
3:18pm Its JJ Smith again for Carlow, can they take advantage of the extra man..
3:17pm Brian Farrell is having a great match and kicks another point for Meath.
3:16pm Donncha O’Connor punches Cork three points up.
3:16pm Another great score for Carlow, its Brendan Murphy.
3:15pm The Gouch kicks his fifth point for Kerry.
3:14pm Conor Gillespe SENT OFF for Meath, 2nd yellow
3:14pm JJ Smith had a goal chance but the Carlow man kicks it wide.
3:13pm Goulding for Cork and Farrell for Meath, both Cork and Meath go further ahead.
3:12pm Daragh Foley kicks a score for Carlow, they are only one down.
3:11pm Paul Kerrigan puts Cork two points up.
3:10pm Daniel Goulding comes on for Cork.
3:08pm O’Donoghue kicks his second point for Kerry, they nearly had a goal.
3:06pm Cian Ward kicks a point for Meath and Paul Galvin kicks a point for Kerry.
3:05pm Great point by JJ Smith, Carlow are only one down.
3:03pm Stunning point from Paudie Kissane for Cork and JJ Smith kicks a point for Carlow
3:02pm The Gouch kicks a nice point from play, back to two down.
3:01pm Its O’Connor again for Cork, Kerry giving away a lot of silly free kicks.
3:00pm Donncha O’Connor kicks a free for Cork.
2:58pm Daniel St Ledger is off injured for Carlow.
2:56pm Great start for Kerry, Declan O’Sullivan kicks a point form play.
2:56pm Kerry sub James O’Donoghue kicks a nice point.
2:55pm Graham Reily kicks a nice point for Meath.
2:45pm Bradley scores a GOAL for Tyrone minors to level it up, great comeback.
2:39pm Meath lead Carlow by two points at half time in Tullamore.
2:37pm Brian Farrell kicks a nice score for Meath, Its half time between Cork and Kerry
2:36pm Colm O’Neill kicks Cork three points ahead.
2;35pm JJ Smith kicks Carlow to within one point of Meath.
2:34pm Three very entertaining matches in play.
2:32pm Great play by Carlow, Brian Murphy kicks them within two.
2:31pm JJ Smith kicks Carlow back to within three points.
2:30pm Colm O’Neill kicks over an easy free for Cork.
2:29pm Brian Murphy gets a nice score for Carlow.
2;27pm Carlow need a score or this will be all over at half time.
2:24pm Cian Ward GOAL for Meath, they are now five up.
2:23pm Paul Kerrigan puts Cork one up.
2:22pm Colm O’Neill levels it up for Cork.
2:21pm Armagh minors open the scoring against Tyrone.
2:20pm Nice point from Daniel St Ledger for Carlow, they are only one behind.
2:19pm The Gouch kicks an easy free to put Kerry one up.
2:16pm Cian Ward kicks his second wide for Meath.
2:15pm Donnacha Tobin punches his first ever championship point for Meath.
2:13pm The Gouch levels it up for Kerry. Graham Reily puts Meath in front.
2:13pm Carlow get an easy free and are now level.
2:11pm Cian Ward puts Meath back in front, thats his second free of the day to score.
2:10pm The Gouch kicks a nice point for Kerry.
2;10pm Paul Reid kicks a deserved equaliser for Carlow.
2:09pm Carlow have yet to score but they have made a bright start against Meath.
2:07pm Donncha O’Connor kick his second point for Cork.
2:07pm Meaths first wide comes from a free by Cian Ward.
2:06pm Ciaran Sheehan who came in late to the Cork team has scored a fantastic point.
2:05pm Cian Ward opens the scoring for Meath.
2:05pm Declan O’Sullivan kicks a nice point for Kerry.
2:03pm Donncha O’Connor opens the scoring for Cork.
2:01pm Looked like The Gouch deserved a penalty but the ref waves it away.
2:00pm We are off in both matches.
2:00pm Nicholas Murphy comes in at midfield for Cork, Paddy Gilsenin comes in for Meath.
1:58pm Minutes to kick off, few changes on all four teams, we will bring them to you later.
1:52pm The bookies make Cork two point favourites over Kerry and Meath seven point favourites over Carlow.
1:48 Cork v Kerry teams

Cork – Alan Quirke, Ray Carey, Michael Shields, Eoin Cadogan, Paudie Kissane, Graham Canty, Noel O Leary, Alan O’Connor, Aidan Walsh, Fintan Goold, Pearse O’Neill, Patrick Kelly, Colm O’Neill, Donncha O’Connor, Paul Kerrigan.

Kerry – Brendan Kealy, Marc Ó Sé, Aidan O’Mahony, Killian Young, Tomás Ó Sé, Eoin Brosnan, Peter Crowley, Anthony Maher, Seamus Scanlon, Paul Galvin, Declan O’Sullivan, Darran O’Sullivan, Colm Cooper, Kieran Donaghy, Kieran O’Leary.

1:45pm Meath v Carlow team news:

Meath – D Gallagher, D Keoghan, K Reilly, B Menton, D Tobin, S McAnarney, M Burke, C Gillespie, B Meade, A Forde, S Bray, G Reilly, B Farrell, J Sheridan, C Ward.

Carlow – T O’Reilly; P Murphy, C Lawlor, B Kavanagh; K Nolan, S Redmond, T Bolger; B Murphy, D Foley; B Murphy, P Reid, E Ruth; JJ Smith, S Gannon, D St Ledger.

1:41pm We will have the latest team news very soon.
1:40pm Twenty minute to throw in,


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