Seamus McEnaney remains Meath boss

The motion to have Seamus McEnaney ousted as Meath boss was defeated, he will remain in charge for the season. Vote was 43-31 he only needed 25 votes or 33%.

The ballot is a huge embarrassment for chairman the Meath county board Barney Allen, it looks more likely he will be removed before Banty.

The match against Wicklow on the 27th of May is going to be huge for Meath football.

Live updates
9:32pm Seamus McEnaney remains Meath boss. Vote 43-31. He only needed 25 votes.

9:27pm Boylan v Banty is underway

9:25pm Vote starts, slips getting handed out.

9:19pm Its quite amazing how old the delegates from each club are this evening. They are on about Meath playing an Ulster style of football. To be fair if they are, there doing badly.

9:17pm Be really surprised if Banty is removed, but its going to be tight.

9:14pm Now they are talking about Eamonn O’Brien’s sacking, thats going to solve a lot of problems.

9:13pm Really surprised but a lot could happen very soon, it will be secret ballot. There has to be two thirds vote against Banty to get him removed.

9:10pm Francis Flynn says Banty has to be removed for the sake of Meath football.

9:07pm Really hard to know when the vote is going to take place but its a while away yet.

9:06pm Gaeil Colmcille want Banty removed.

9:04pm There seems to be more people in favour of keeping Banty but its going to be tight.

9:00pm Simonstown vote for Banty to stay.

8:59pm Delegates from Donaghmore/Ashbourne reveal they have been mandated to vote to remove Banty.

8:58pm Its been revealed that Sean Boylan met with the Meath committee last Wednesday and they voted to remove Banty as manager.

8:55pm There is a lot of anger with the way Banty has been treated by the county board.

8:52pm Lot of people blaming the players and not the management.

8:51pm It seems to be 50-50 on people wanting Banty to say or go.

8:48pm Barney Allen is talking about himself and Cyril Creavin meeting up with the players on two different occasions to discuss the problems within the team.

8:40pm The floor has been opened to delegates to have their say on the matter of “Banty” being in charge. No doubt a lot of people will have thoughts on share. We could be here for hours.

20:30pm There is expected to be a motion put forward to remove current manager Seamus McEnaney from the position and go forward into this summer’s All-Ireland campaign with a fresh face in charge.


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