Roscommon U21s into final against Dublin

Roscommon will play Dublin in the Cadburys U21 All Ireland final in two weeks time after beating Cavan by five points.

Saturday 21 April

Cadbury All-Ireland U21FC semi-final
Roscommon 2-07 2-02 Cavan, Glennon Brother’s Pearse Park FT

5:30pm Glennon gets the last score of the match, Galway win by eleven points.
5:27pm Great save by the Galway keeper from a penalty, only one min left.
5:26pm Joe Canning gets another point from a free, thats 2-07 on the day.
5:25pm Galway have used 33 players in the league with 16 having there debut.
5:23pm Galway emptying the bench.
5:21pm Great play by David Burke, another goal for Galway.
5:21pm Ryan gets another point from a free for Dublin, they are still nine down.
5:20pm Smith gets the last point of the match, Roscommon will play Dublin in U21 final.
5:18pm Shocking mistake this time by the Cavan keeper, Compton gets a goal for Roscommon
5:16pm Three minutes injury time in the U21 match.
5:15pm Kevin Tierney gets a goal, only one point in it in Longford.
5:14pm Naill Burke puts Galway ten points up.
5:13pm Another score from the machine that is Joe Canning.
5:12pm Shocking play by Gary McGuire the Dublin keeper, Damien Hayes gets a goal.
5:11pm Paul Ryan gets a point from a free for Dublin.
5:09pm Roscommon players down injured wasting time, they look like winners with 5min to go.
5:07pm Stunning goal by Joe Canning, what a player.
5:06pm Murtagh gets a point for Roscommon.
5:05pm The 45′ is missed by Cavan.
5:04pm Stunning save by Lowe the Roscommon keeper, could be a huge moment in the match.
5:03pm Glennon and Canning both hit great points from play for Galway.
5:02pm Paul Ryan hits over an easy free, Dublin still one down.
5:01pm Donnellan gives Galway a two point lead.
5:00pm Joe Canning hits a free over.
4:57pm Paul Ryan hits a stunning free, its been a fantastic display by both free takers today.
4:55pm Great point from the Galway midifelder, Galway lead by two.
4:53pm Dublin and Galway trade points, super free by Joe Canning from inside his own half.
4:52pm Conroy gets Cavan back to two points down.
4:52pm Second half underway in Portlaoise.
4:49pm Stunning point for Donie Smith for Roscommon.
4:47pm Roscommon exten the lead to three points.
4:46pm Second half underway in Longford.
4:36pm Joe Canning hits over a super free, its half time.
4:35pm Its half time in Longford and Roscommon lead Cavan by two points.
4:34pm Stunning point by Paul Ryan for Dublin. Glennon gets a score for Galway.
4:34pm Second point in a minute for David Burke for Galway.
4:33pm Tracey and Burke trade points in the hurling.
4:32pm Very poor wide from Glynn for Galway, then a great save from the Galway keeper.
4:30pm Stunning performance by Roscommon considering they are playing against the wind.
4:29pm Paul Ryan hits over a free for Dublin, McCaffery gives Dublin the lead.
4:29pm Donie Smith gets his second point for Roscommon.
4:28pm Great score from Niall Burke for Galway,
4:26pm McCormack gets another score for Dublin.
4:25pm Roscommon take the lead against Cavan through Donie Smith.
4:24pm Joe Canning gets a goal from a free in front of the posts.
4:22pm Not many scores in the Cavan v Roscommon match. Paul Ryan puts Dublin two up.
4:21pm JC and PR get points, Iarla Tannion gets Galway back within one.
4:18pm Conor Daly gets a goal for Roscommon.
4;17pm St Marys are the Champions.
4:17pm Joe Canning hits over a free from inside his own half, unreal stuff.
4:15pm Joe Dillon gets a point for Cavan, they lead by three points.
4:14pm Another great score from Martin Quilty for Dublin.
4;12pm Naill Burke gets his second score of the day for Galway.
4;11pm Try for St Marys, they look like they will now win the league
4:10pm The full forward Kevin Tierney gets a goal for Cavan
4:10pm Martin Quilty scores for Dublin
4:08pm Compton opens the scoring for Roscommon, Nail Burke scores for Galway.
4:08pm McCormack gets Dublin’s third score of the day.
4:06pm Joe Canning opens the Galway scoring from a free.
4;05pm Its a wide for both Cavan and Roscommon in Longford.

4:04pm Quigley doubles the Dublin lead.
4:03pm Great score from Paul Ryan gets the first score of the day for Dublin.
4:00pm Both the relegation play-off and the U21 semi-finals are thrown in.
3:59pm Clontarf in front by one point. About fifteen minutes left in both matches.
3:54pm Clontarf miss a penalty that would of seen them lead.
3:52pm Looks like a Clontarf try will win the league.
3:47pm Stunning ten minutes left in the rugby, it could go anyway.
3:43pm St Marys are back to six down after getting a converted try.
3:39pm Clontarf get back within two points to only concede a try.
3:35pm Merigo wins his second Scottish Grand National.
3:31pm Nice start to the second half by Clontarf, they are now only seven down
3:20pm Its half time in both of the AIB rugby matches.
3:19pm Wexford beat Offaly by two points in the Leinster minor hurling Championship
3:19pm Clontarf get a try and a conversion, could be a very exciting climax to the league.
3:17pm After a slow start Dublin beat Cork by six points.
3:16pm Jordan Broaders puts Wexford two up with seconds to play.
3:14pm Into injury time in Tullamore, its going to be Dublin playing either Cavan or Rosscommon
3:12pm Hurley still kicking over frees for Cork, they are five down with one minute to play
3:11pm Cillian Kiely puts Offaly one up with five minutes to go in Tullamore/
3:09pm Hurley kicks two easy frees for Cork, there still six down.
3:05pm Cork need a goal quick, but its Dublin that are going further ahead.
3:02pm Its all level in Tullamore in the minor hurling between Offaly and Wexford.
3:01pm Try for Young Munster against St Marys
3:00pm Hurley and Hudson trade scores in Portlaoise
2:57pm Nice point from O’Rourke for Cork, if they could get a goal we would have a great finish.
2:54pm Luke Connelly gets Cork back to within seven
2:53pm Kilkenny is being well marked today, but the Dublin forward gets on the score board.
2:51pm Sugrue kicks a score for Dublin.
2:50pm Young Munster take the lead against St Marys
2:48pm Cork win a 45′, great kick from Luke Connelly. Cork are six down but still well in it.
2:46pm St Marys need to beat Young Munster today to win the division one title, Young Munster get a player set off early and also miss a penalty. Clontarf also need a win.
2:44pm Perfect start to the second half for Dublin, Jack McCaffery with the goal for the blues
2:43pm The second half gets underway in Portlaoise
2:38pm Its half time in the minor hurling match between Offaly and Wexford.
2:31pm Hallisey looked to be in for a goal for Cork but he drops the ball, ref blows half time.
2:30pm Two wides from Cork, they really could done with them.
2:26pm Hallisey is keeping Cork in the match, he kicks another score.
2:24pm O’Conghaile gets a score for Dublin and Philip Ryan follows up with a goal.
2:20pm Hallisey brings Cork back to one down with a nice free for the left hand side.
2:18pm Ryan kicks over a difficult 45 for Dublin.
2:16pm What a turn around, Philip Ryan buries the penalty and Dublin lead by a point.
2:15pm Byrne the Dublin midfielder kicks a great point, and Dublin looked to have scored a goal but the referee gives a penalty.
2:13pm Gary Swenney gets Dublins first score in nine minutes.
2:12pm Hurley puts Cork four points ahead, with a nice point from play.
2:10pm Dublin need to get the next score to settle themselves down.
2:08pm Great score from Donal Og Hognett for Cork.
2:06pm Mark Sugrue doubles the Cork lead.
2:06pm Easy free for Brian Hurley puts Cork back in front.
2:05pm Philip Ryan levels it for Dublin, good start to the match from both teams
2:04pm First wide of the day to Kevin Hallisey of Cork.
2:04pm O’Rourke opens the scoring for Cork, with a nice point from play.
2:01pm Match has started in Portlaoise.
1:58pm Dublin Starting 15: Carty, Concarr, O’ Brien, George, Fletcher, Kelly, McCaffrey, O’ Conghaile, Byrne, Reddin, Sweeney, Schutte, Kilkenny, Ryan, Hudson.
Cork Starting 15: Mellett, O’ Donovan, Cahalane, A. Cronin, J. Cronin, Clancy, Wall, Deane, Healy, Hallisey, Óg Hodnett, O’ Rourke, Hurley, Connolly, Sugrue

1:33pm Alan McCrabbe has failed to get his ban lifted, he wont play any part for Dublin against Galway
1:30pm Half an hour to kick off in Portlaoise


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