Galway easily beat Dublin

Galway easily beat Dublin in Portlaoise this afternoon, its was a super display by Joe Canning who scored 2-07.

5:30pm Glennon gets the last score of the match, Galway win by eleven points.
5:27pm Great save by the Galway keeper from a penalty, only one min left.
5:26pm Joe Canning gets another point from a free, thats 2-07 on the day.
5:25pm Galway have used 33 players in the league with 16 having there debut.
5:23pm Galway emptying the bench.
5:21pm Great play by David Burke, another goal for Galway.
5:21pm Ryan gets another point from a free for Dublin, they are still nine down.
5:20pm Smith gets the last point of the match, Roscommon will play Dublin in U21 final.
5:18pm Shocking mistake this time by the Cavan keeper, Compton gets a goal for Roscommon
5:16pm Three minutes injury time in the U21 match.
5:15pm Kevin Tierney gets a goal, only one point in it in Longford.
5:14pm Naill Burke puts Galway ten points up.
5:13pm Another score from the machine that is Joe Canning.
5:12pm Shocking play by Gary McGuire the Dublin keeper, Damien Hayes gets a goal.
5:11pm Paul Ryan gets a point from a free for Dublin.
5:09pm Roscommon players down injured wasting time, they look like winners with 5min to go.
5:07pm Stunning goal by Joe Canning, what a player.
5:06pm Murtagh gets a point for Roscommon.
5:05pm The 45′ is missed by Cavan.
5:04pm Stunning save by Lowe the Roscommon keeper, could be a huge moment in the match.
5:03pm Glennon and Canning both hit great points from play for Galway.
5:02pm Paul Ryan hits over an easy free, Dublin still one down.
5:01pm Donnellan gives Galway a two point lead.
5:00pm Joe Canning hits a free over.
4:57pm Paul Ryan hits a stunning free, its been a fantastic display by both free takers today.
4:55pm Great point from the Galway midifelder, Galway lead by two.
4:53pm Dublin and Galway trade points, super free by Joe Canning from inside his own half.
4:52pm Conroy gets Cavan back to two points down.
4:52pm Second half underway in Portlaoise.
4:49pm Stunning point for Donie Smith for Roscommon.
4:47pm Roscommon exten the lead to three points.
4:46pm Second half underway in Longford.
4:36pm Joe Canning hits over a super free, its half time.
4:35pm Its half time in Longford and Roscommon lead Cavan by two points.
4:34pm Stunning point by Paul Ryan for Dublin. Glennon gets a score for Galway.
4:34pm Second point in a minute for David Burke for Galway.
4:33pm Tracey and Burke trade points in the hurling.
4:32pm Very poor wide from Glynn for Galway, then a great save from the Galway keeper.
4:30pm Stunning performance by Roscommon considering they are playing against the wind.
4:29pm Paul Ryan hits over a free for Dublin, McCaffery gives Dublin the lead.
4:29pm Donie Smith gets his second point for Roscommon.
4:28pm Great score from Niall Burke for Galway,
4:26pm McCormack gets another score for Dublin.
4:25pm Roscommon take the lead against Cavan through Donie Smith.
4:24pm Joe Canning gets a goal from a free in front of the posts.
4:22pm Not many scores in the Cavan v Roscommon match. Paul Ryan puts Dublin two up.
4:21pm JC and PR get points, Iarla Tannion gets Galway back within one.
4:18pm Conor Daly gets a goal for Roscommon.
4;17pm St Marys are the Champions.
4:17pm Joe Canning hits over a free from inside his own half, unreal stuff.
4:15pm Joe Dillon gets a point for Cavan, they lead by three points.
4:14pm Another great score from Martin Quilty for Dublin.
4;12pm Naill Burke gets his second score of the day for Galway.
4;11pm Try for St Marys, they look like they will now win the league
4:10pm The full forward Kevin Tierney gets a goal for Cavan
4:10pm Martin Quilty scores for Dublin
4:08pm Compton opens the scoring for Roscommon, Nail Burke scores for Galway.
4:08pm McCormack gets Dublin’s third score of the day.
4:06pm Joe Canning opens the Galway scoring from a free.
4;05pm Its a wide for both Cavan and Roscommon in Longford.

4:04pm Quigley doubles the Dublin lead.
4:03pm Great score from Paul Ryan gets the first score of the day for Dublin.
4:00pm Both the relegation play-off and the U21 semi-finals are thrown in.
3:59pm Clontarf in front by one point. About fifteen minutes left in both matches.
3:54pm Clontarf miss a penalty that would of seen them lead.
3:52pm Looks like a Clontarf try will win the league.
3:47pm Stunning ten minutes left in the rugby, it could go anyway.
3:43pm St Marys are back to six down after getting a converted try.
3:39pm Clontarf get back within two points to only concede a try.
3:35pm Merigo wins his second Scottish Grand National.
3:31pm Nice start to the second half by Clontarf, they are now only seven down
3:20pm Its half time in both of the AIB rugby matches.
3:19pm Wexford beat Offaly by two points in the Leinster minor hurling Championship
3:19pm Clontarf get a try and a conversion, could be a very exciting climax to the league.
3:17pm After a slow start Dublin beat Cork by six points.
3:16pm Jordan Broaders puts Wexford two up with seconds to play.
3:14pm Into injury time in Tullamore, its going to be Dublin playing either Cavan or Rosscommon
3:12pm Hurley still kicking over frees for Cork, they are five down with one minute to play
3:11pm Cillian Kiely puts Offaly one up with five minutes to go in Tullamore/
3:09pm Hurley kicks two easy frees for Cork, there still six down.
3:05pm Cork need a goal quick, but its Dublin that are going further ahead.
3:02pm Its all level in Tullamore in the minor hurling between Offaly and Wexford.
3:01pm Try for Young Munster against St Marys
3:00pm Hurley and Hudson trade scores in Portlaoise
2:57pm Nice point from O’Rourke for Cork, if they could get a goal we would have a great finish.
2:54pm Luke Connelly gets Cork back to within seven
2:53pm Kilkenny is being well marked today, but the Dublin forward gets on the score board.
2:51pm Sugrue kicks a score for Dublin.
2:50pm Young Munster take the lead against St Marys
2:48pm Cork win a 45′, great kick from Luke Connelly. Cork are six down but still well in it.
2:46pm St Marys need to beat Young Munster today to win the division one title, Young Munster get a player set off early and also miss a penalty. Clontarf also need a win.
2:44pm Perfect start to the second half for Dublin, Jack McCaffery with the goal for the blues
2:43pm The second half gets underway in Portlaoise
2:38pm Its half time in the minor hurling match between Offaly and Wexford.
2:31pm Hallisey looked to be in for a goal for Cork but he drops the ball, ref blows half time.
2:30pm Two wides from Cork, they really could done with them.
2:26pm Hallisey is keeping Cork in the match, he kicks another score.
2:24pm O’Conghaile gets a score for Dublin and Philip Ryan follows up with a goal.
2:20pm Hallisey brings Cork back to one down with a nice free for the left hand side.
2:18pm Ryan kicks over a difficult 45 for Dublin.
2:16pm What a turn around, Philip Ryan buries the penalty and Dublin lead by a point.
2:15pm Byrne the Dublin midfielder kicks a great point, and Dublin looked to have scored a goal but the referee gives a penalty.
2:13pm Gary Swenney gets Dublins first score in nine minutes.
2:12pm Hurley puts Cork four points ahead, with a nice point from play.
2:10pm Dublin need to get the next score to settle themselves down.
2:08pm Great score from Donal Og Hognett for Cork.
2:06pm Mark Sugrue doubles the Cork lead.
2:06pm Easy free for Brian Hurley puts Cork back in front.
2:05pm Philip Ryan levels it for Dublin, good start to the match from both teams
2:04pm First wide of the day to Kevin Hallisey of Cork.
2:04pm O’Rourke opens the scoring for Cork, with a nice point from play.
2:01pm Match has started in Portlaoise.
1:58pm Dublin Starting 15: Carty, Concarr, O’ Brien, George, Fletcher, Kelly, McCaffrey, O’ Conghaile, Byrne, Reddin, Sweeney, Schutte, Kilkenny, Ryan, Hudson.
Cork Starting 15: Mellett, O’ Donovan, Cahalane, A. Cronin, J. Cronin, Clancy, Wall, Deane, Healy, Hallisey, Óg Hodnett, O’ Rourke, Hurley, Connolly, Sugrue


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