GAA to help Perth police find ‘antisocial’ Irish

Police in Perth are set to employ a “zero tolerance policy” over what they view as antisocial Irish emigrants and to spread their message, they’re seeking the assistance of local GAA clubs.

According to reports from Down Under, antisocial behavior by Irish emigrants has reached epidemic proportions with it having gotten so bad that police have issued widespread deportation threats.

An email sent to all members of the St Finbarr’s GFC club has enforced the gravity of the issue, as it claims that the Perth police will speak to “all of the GAA clubs” and that “deportation would be the final conclusion”.

GAA Western Australia president Robert O’Callaghan said that the police were “doing the right thing to get the message out there to the general public,” while one owner of an Irish pub in Perth told the Irish Echo:  “We don’t want the young Irish here.”


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