Hawk-Eye enters second phase of testing

One of FIFA’s choices to provide a solution to the goal line debacle has entered its second round of testing.

Hampshire-based company Hawk-Eye and the German-Danish GoalRef technology are the two companies narrowed down by FIFA to compete for the contract.

The Hampshire company has begun its second stage of testing in St. Mary’s stadium in Southampton under the observation of FIFA officials. Hawk-Eye relies on multiple camera angles and a signal that is sent to the referee in under a second telling him whether or not it is a goal.

The technology is already used in tennis and cricket and the firm is hopeful of getting the contract when FIFA announces its decisive decision on July 2nd.

Steve Carter, the firms’ managing director spoke to Sky Sports News “Every stadium is different. [It would take] Anything from three weeks to a couple of months [to install the technology]. It’s all stadium specific”
“We aren’t thinking that far ahead at the moment. Anything is possible. I suppose a good sporting analogy would be that we are in the semi-finals of the competition at the moment and we just want to concentrate on winning our semi.” He said when asked about how long it would take to roll out the technology.

“If I felt things were being rushed for a specific league, I would be actually urging people to slow down and make sure the technology is right.” he added.

The Hawk-Eye technology will be used at the Hampshire FA senior cup final between Eastleigh and AFC Totten, but it will be purely for research purposes only. It will not to aid the decisions of the officials.


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