Irish backpackers causing trouble Down Under

Reports have been relayed to and by the GAA community in Australia that Irish backpackers have, according to local police, been causing  “undue trouble”  Down Under.

GAA clubs in Australia have circulated an email from the president of a local GAA club in Australia that raised concerns regarding the behavior of Irish people.

The email said police were “appalled” and “extremely unhappy” with behaviour in the precincts, adding local Gaelic Athletic Associations could expect to be visited by police in coming weeks.

Police chiefs are reportedly monitoring the situation and have said there were reports that Irish visitors were involved in a disproportionate number of offences, however, they were “only one nationality in a number associated with the backpacker scene where further targeted activities are planned to increase awareness of local liquor licensing and criminal laws.”

“It is clear that there are some significant differences in the policing of licensed premises in Australia to those in Ireland,” Insp. Paul Steel said.

“In particular, the liquor infringement and move on notices are not widely understood and the purpose of the community level engagement was to target education at an area where this crime prevention advice was deemed appropriate.”

Mike Kelleher, chairman of the Business Improvement Group of Northbridge, Perth, has said that problems from visitors were not limited to Irish people though:  “They (the Irish) have proven to be more of a handful than your typical backpacker but with a bit of education and holding the line you are able to turn them around.”

This story was broken earlier this week by Sports News Ireland:


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