No progress on payments to managers

GAA director general, Paraic Duffy, has admitted that the association have made no real progress in their efforts to deal with the controversial subject of illegal payments to managers. Despite holding very strong opinions on the issue, Duffy said “We’ve made no obvious progress.”

In his 2010 Congress report, Duffy emphasised how illegal payment to managers were undermining the association’s core value:

“The least acceptable option is to continue to proclaim a value and, at the same time, ignore it. Expressing a determination to address the issue is meaningless unless followed by effective action.

“I believe it is time to call on the expertise available to us and establish a committee to examine the current situation with a view to bringing forward proposals in late 2010 that will allow a debate throughout the association on the best way to deal with this difficult problem.”

The director general seems to have reached a crossroads on the matter and makes very little reference to it in his report to next months congress which was revealed yesterday. All Duffy says is: “There is also need to address the issue of irregular and unsuitable payments to managers and management teams”

GAA sources have claimed that Duffy’s plans to deal with the issue have not been backed up by Croke Park officials but he was at pains to deny this yesterday:

“I don’t think that’s fair to say. We wouldn’t all be of one mind, which is normal, and I’m sure different people have different opinions, but my responsibility was simply to produce a discussion paper and I have done that. It was up to them (the committee) to look at it then.

“Of course I’d have hoped that there’d be more progress. It’s a difficult one. I wouldn’t say it’s an attractive issue, but it can be addressed. The trick is to get consensus going forward and I accept that, to date, we’ve made no obvious progress.”


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