Ireland Scotland and Wales bid for Euro2020

Three-way application interest for Euro 2020 Championships

The race to be the host nation for the European Championships in 2020 has intensified as a UEFA have just been informed of a three-way interest between Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  The only other nation that has expressed an interest to host the 2020 championships is Turkey.

To host the Championship, the nation must have a minimum of ten stadiums available for the matches. Scotland, Wales or Ireland on their own lack these facilities, but together they meet the requirements.  The competitions format is changing in 2016, with the amount of team’s participations rising from 16 to 24. The decision on host nation will be made by UEFA in 18 months, this gives the applicants time to either develop their proposal or withdraw it. The Turkish bid for the competition has been question already due to the allegations with match fixing in the domestic league and because Istanbul has applied to host the Olympic Games in that year also.

The Football Association of Ireland confirmed that it will join the Scottish FA and the Welsh FA in putting forward an expression of interest to host UEFA EURO 2020.

The expression of interest is preliminary after the principal was discussed and is being put forward by the three Associations so that the opportunity can be explored in more detail. At this stage no bids would be expected or required by UEFA for at least eighteen months.


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