Neville dismisses England’s chances at Euro 2012

Newly appointed England coach Gary Neville says that the way the nation have celebrated reaching major tournaments in the past has been “embarrassing” and warns England fans to be “realistic” ahead of the start of the European Championships.

In a press conference today, Neville thinks England’s expectations should not be so high, just because they have qualified for a major finals.

He said: “After qualifying in Italy in 97-98 and then against Greece in 2001-02, it was almost – when you look back now – a little bit embarrassing.

“All we’d done is qualify. But it was like we’d reached the World Cup final.”

“It’s now about managing expectations slightly differently and probably being a little bit more realistic about what we are and where we’ve been.

“It’s about showing that humility to say ‘Spain are there, France did win World Cups, Brazil are there’. We are trying to get to them rather than thinking we are there already just by qualifying for a tournament.”


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