Donegal easily beat Derry in Ulster quarter final

Donegal go through to play Tyrone after beating Derry by ten points in front of over 11,000 fans.


Live commentary
6:36pm Donegal go through to play Tyrone after beating Derry by ten points in front of over 11,000 fans.
6:35pm We are into injury time, Paddy Bradley kicks his sixth point.
6:34pm Frank McGlynn wins the man of the match.
6:33pm Stunning point by Paddy McBrearty for Donegal.
6:32pm Donegal bringing on plenty of subs.
6:31pm Bradley kicks a point for Derry
6:30pm Stunning save by Paul Durkan in the Donegal goal.
6:29pm Donegal miss a sitter, McBrearty will never have an easier chance to score a goal.
6:28pm Derry fans start to leave Ballybofey.
6:25pm Paddy Bradley kicks his fifth point.
6:24pm Colm McFadden kicks another point for Donegal.
6:22pm Paddy Bradley kicks a wide for Derry.
6:21pm Neil Gallagher kicks a lovely point from play, thats 2-06 from play today for Donegal.
6:20pm Derry get a point. Sean Leo McGoldrick
6:19pm McBrearty kicks a wide for Donegal, Derry look so poor.
6:18pm Great score by David Walsh for Donegal.
6:17pm Derry win a 45′. Its missed
6:16pm Michael Murphy extends the Donegal lead to nine from a easy free.
6:15pm Derry need to get goals quick.
6:12pm Paddy Bradley kicks his fourth point for Derry. Derry still have only one score from play.
6:10pm Donegal looked to have booked their place against Tyrone. Colm McFadden score a GOAL.
6:07pm Frank McCann the Donegal corner back, kicks a great point.
6:05pm Some shocking passing by Derry, they seem devoid of ideas.
6:04pm Derry really need to get the first few scores.
6:02pm No score yet in the second half.
6:00pm Throw in for the second half has been slightly delayed.
5:58pm In other news Roy Keane has gone from 33/1 to 7/2 to be the next Birmingham manager, Lee Clake is still the favorite.
5:38pm Michael Murphy puts Donegal five points up at the break.
5:35pm Paddy Bradley kicks his third point of the match.
5:32pm Leo McCloone gets a GOAL for Donegal, its no more than they deserve.
5:32pm Paddy Bradley kicks another easy free.
5:30pm A Thompson gets a lovely point for Donegal.
5:28pm Donegal win a 45′. McFadden kicks Donegal’s fourth wide of the match.
5:27pm Paddy Bradley gets Derry’s first point in sixteen minutes.
5:25pm Yellow card for Donegal’s Neil Gallagher.
5:22pm P Brearty puts Donegal three points ahead.
5:21pm Derry have not scored for twelve minutes.
5:19pm There has been a huge amount of fouls in the first seventeen minutes.
5:17pm Donegal have fair more of the play and probably should be further ahead.
5:15pm Paddy Bradley is fouled, Conleith Gilligan kicks the free wide for Derry.
5:14pm Colm McFadden is fouled and he makes no mistakes. Straight over the black spot.
5:12pm McFadden kicks another point, but the ref gives a free out. He says the Donegal man picked the ball up off the ground.
5:11pm David Walsh puts Donegal back in front, nice point from play.
5:10pm Derry get a equaliser, Mark Lynch with the point.
5:07pm Easy free for Donegal in front of the posts, McFadden makes no mistakes from the soft free.
5:06pm Poor wide form Donegal’s Colm McFadden, he punched it two yards wide.
5:04pm Derry have had more of the early ball, but no scores for either team.
5:00pm Match has thrown in. Michael Murphy goes into the full forward line.
4:43pm Michael Murphy has come into the Donegal team. Rory Kavanagh is out.
4:42pm Donegal are the favourites to win this evenings clash.
4:40pm Derry team: B Gillis; J McCamley, C McKaigue, SL McGoldrick; B McGoldrick, M Craig, E Scullion; J Diver, M Friel; G O’Kane, M Lynch, E Lynn; C Gilligan, P Bradley, E McGuckian.
Donegal team: P Durcan, P Mcgrath, K Mcgee, F McCann, E McGee, K Lacey, A Thompson, M Murphy, N Gallagher, D Walsh, M McHugh, R Bradley, P McBrearty, C McFadden, L McLoone.


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