Meath crush Carlow in Leinster football replay

Brian Farrell kicked nine points for Meath as they beat Carlow by Fifteen points before 5,000 people in Tullamore


Leinster SFC quarter-final replay
Carlow 1-09 2-21 Meath, Tullamore FT

Live commentary
8:30pm Brian Farrell kicks his ninth point. Its all over in Tullamore, Meath win by fifteen points.
8:28pm Two minutes injury time, Meath get a point through Brian Farrell.
8:27pm Brendan Murphy kicks a point for Carlow.
8:26pm Jamie Queeny gets a point and Peader Byrne gets GOAL for Meath.
8:25pm Cian Ward is brought off the Meath team.
8:24pm Another score by JJ Smith for Carlow.
8:22pm Keith Jackson kicks Carlow’s fifth wide.
8:21pm Meath lead by eleven points with 7min to play.
8:18pm Poor wide from Carlow.
8:16pm Once again Brian Farrell scores for Meath.
8:13pm Brian Farrell kicks another score for Meath.
8:12pm Keith Jackson gets GOAL for Carlow.
8:10pm JJ Smith kick another point for Carlow. Cian Ward kicks another wide.
8:09pm Its another goal chance for Meath, its kicked over the bar.
8:08pm JJ Smith kicks over a nice free.
8:06pm Peader Byrne kicks Meath’s eight wide.
8:05pm JJ Smith kicks Carlow’s third wide.
8:04pm Reilly kicks his fourth point.
8:03pm Graham Reilly gets his third point for Meath.
8:02pm Brian Menton gets a yellow card.
8:00pm Brian Farrell kicks a wide for Meath.
7:58pm Its another score for Meath. Carlow need a goal quick.
7:56pm Another great save by the Carlow keeper.
7:56pm Darragh Foley kicks a nice point for Carlow. First score in twenty minutes.
7:54pm Graham Reilly kick his second point of the night.
7:53pm Second half underway, Joe Sheridan hits the woodwork. It was more of a euro 2012 shot.
7:43pm Poland and Greece must win to have any chance of qualifying.Czechs can afford to draw as long as Russia don’t lose by too many.
7:36pm Brian Farrell free kick puts Meath ten points in front. Its half time.
7:35pm Joe Sheridan kicks Meath’s sixth wide of the first half.
7:35pm Brian Menton kicks Meath’s seventh point in a row.
7:34pm Cian Ward kicks a wide for Meath.
7:34pm Alan Forde kicks a nice score from play for Meath.
7:33pm Even with the breeze its going to be a tough second half for Carlow.
7:30pm Damien Carroll kicks his first ever championship point for Meath.
7:28pm Meath sub Peader Byrne scores a GOAL, Meath lead Carlow by six
7:27pm Brian Farrell kicks a Meath point.
7:26pm Carlow need to get some possession, its another free to Meath.
7:24pm Great point from 45 yards by Conor Gillespie, Meath lead by two.
7:22pm Great defending by Carlow who have not had much ball in the last seven or eight minutes.
7:21pm Cian Ward kicks the 45′. Meath lead by one.
7:20pm Stunning save by the Carlow keeper Trevor O’Reily from a shot by Joe Sheridan.
7:18pm Cian Ward is once again fouled, Brian Farrell kicks his third point.
7:18pm JJ Smith kicks a nice point from play to kick Carlow into the lead.
7:16pm Its been a very entertaining first quarter of an hour.
7:14pm Poor wide from Graham Reilly for Meath.
7:14pm Brian Farrell kicks a point from play this time to level up the match.
7:12pm Kieran Nolan the Carlow wing back kicks his side into the lead.
7:10pm Brian Farrell is fouled and levels up the match with the free.
7:07pm Sean Gannon is fouled and Brian Murphy kicks the easy free, Carlow lead by one point.
7:05pm Cian Ward is fouled but he kicks the free wide.
7:04pm Poor wide from Walsh for Carlow.
7:03pm Easy free for Carlow and they get level. Its JJ Smith as usual.
7:02pm Alan Forde kicks a wide for Meath.
7:02pm Carlow are against the wind in the first half.
7:00pm The match is underway, Graham Reilly opens the scoring for Meath after fifty seconds.
Meath: D Gallagher, D Keoghan, K Reilly, B Menton, D Tobin, S McAnarney, M Burke, C Gillespie, B Meade, A Forde, D Carroll, G Reilly, B Farrell, J Sheridan, C Ward.

Carlow :Trevor O’Reilly; Padraig Murphy, Conor Lawlor, Brendan Kavanagh; Kieran Nolan, Shane Redmond, Tony Bolger; Brendan Murphy, Darragh Foley; Brian Murphy, Con Murphy, Eoghan Ruth; JJ Smith, Sean Gannon, Cormac Walshe


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