Joe Ward wildcard ‘decision’ expected Monday

The Tripartite Commission panel has met last week and according to sources in Lausanne (where the AIBA HQ is based) their final decisions will be transmitted to the National Governing Bodies (NGB) on Monday. In our case the fate of Joe Ward will thus be communicated to the IABA.

Sources in Lausanne are cautioning against over optimistic expectations for boxers from countries where there have already been a number of qualifiers (Ireland comes under that heading) and suggest that the committee is likely to give precedence to those from ‘weaker’ nations eg: those countries with two or less competitors already London-bound.Traditionally boxers fro mthose weaker nations have tended to get the nod when it came to wildcards.

There is no such precedent however in respect of womens boxing and thus there still remains a distinct possibility that Katie Taylor’s opponents may well include such national champions as Queen Underwood of USA, Turkey’s Gulsum Tatar, China’s Cheng Dong and Indian lightweight champion Sarita Devi. Taylor herself has been strongly urging the authoritites to include such opponents since she feels that it is essential for the future of womens boxing that the world’s best take part in these Games.

The delay in announcing decisions taken at the meeting earlier in June is believed to be partially due to some delegates not being able to be present on the original dates but equally there is much to suggest that the Committee has had lengthy discussions re teh “wildcard” system and who should get these places. One boxer also awaiting the outcome is Canada’s three tiem world champion Mary Spencer who is haping for a late call to the 75kg division.

Further update as and when the IABA hear from the AIBA with the final outcome of these deliberations which clearly will have major impact on both Joe Ward and Katie Taylor. Ireland has been working hard ‘behind the scenes’ trying to gain a place for Joe Ward. We should know on Monday or latest Tuesday but the signs are not optimistic.


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