Fergal Somerville’s 2012 North Channel Swim

Fergal Somerville’s 2012 North Channel Swim for Aislinn Adolescent Addiction Centre

It’s July and I have been swimming all year. This year I am attempting to swim the North Channel – the stretch of water between Ireland and Scotland. If you were following this blog last year you will know that I swam the English Channel on 23 September (2010) in a time of 12 hours and 40 minutes. I am one of 51 Irish Channel Swimmers; the term Channel Swimmer is attributable to individuals who successfully complete a solo swim across the English Channel under the rules of the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation. To date, 1,200 individuals from around the world have successfully swum the English Channel.

This year I aim to join one of the sea-swimming world’s most elite groups; “North Channel Swimmers”. So far, 90 individuals have attempted and 13 have succeeded. The North Channel is rightly viewed as the most difficult of all channel swims. Not only is it colder, rougher and more tidal than the English Channel, it is populated, some say polluted, by jellyfish. (Swim times, to date, range from 10 to 19 hours).

As part of my ongoing training I have swam more than 500 Km in 2012. I completed 1,000 Km in both 2010 and 2011. In total, that’s 2,500 Km in the last 2½ years; 2,500,000 metres or 100,000 lengths of the local swimming pool.

In 2010 I raised €7,500 for the Aran lifeboat with a 12 Km swim from Inis Meáin (Aran Islands) to Rosaveel (Co. Galway). In 2011 I raised €18,600 for Cystic Fibrosis Research in Beaumont Hospital by swimming 40 Km to join the Channel Swimming fraternity.

This year I am delighted to fundraise on behalf of Aislinn Adolescent Addiction Service. On 10 July 2012 I aim to swim the North Channel (from Donaghadee, Co. Down to Portpatrick, Dumfrys).

Aislinn Adolescent Addiction Service http://www.aislinn.ie/

  • provides quality residential and on-going treatment for persons aged 15-21 years,
  • assists families through an addiction awareness programme,
  • offers respite/therapy for both parents and families,
  • hosts a skilled professional team approach to individualised care,
  • respects dignity, fosters self-worth and supports the development of each individual, and,
  • recognises each person’s unique gifts, quality of performance and their need for constant updating, support and personal growth.

Please keep an eye on Facebook and http://fergalsomerville.blogspot.ie for updates on the swim.

I am delighted to support Aislinn, a non-profit organisation making a huge difference to young adults and their families through dedicated care and support. You can find out more about Aislinn and the wonderful treatment they provide for adolescents with addictions and support their families at http://www.aislinn.ie/

Impressed? I hope so. You might consider my effort worthy of some support through a donation. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my charity page http://www.mycharity.ie/event/fergal_somerville_north_channel_swim_2012/.

You can donate using the “sponsor me now” button below via credit or debit card. You can be assured that your transaction on the mycharity.ie website is very secure. Rest assured that all donations go to the charity and no expenses are paid towards the swim. You will automatically receive an e-mail from me thanking you for your support, and acknowledging the amount of your donation. Any donation no matter how small is hugely appreciated.
Many thanks in advance for your support. Can you help me help Aislinn.


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