Options for disgruntled fans on Olympic coverage

Anyone following the Olympic Games via Twitter or Facebook, not to mention the numerous comments on various Internet sports forums will have seen just how many disgruntled fans there are regarding TV coverage of the games.

Impossible of course to please all of the people all of the time and occasionally there are good reasons why something is not shown LIVE, absence of any “live” feed by international authorities who hold the broadcasting rights for example.

Many Irish fans have complained for example that Chloe Magee’s first appearance at the Games was marred by fact that RTE were showing adverts from the end of the first game until she led 6:1 in the second. That of course should never have happened so one can well understand the ire of viewers. Equally boxing fans were most unhappy that they missed LIVE coverage of much of Adam Nolan’s first bout in London as the national broadcaster chose to remain with the 10,000 metres final albeit Fionnuala Britton was not in contention at the time.

So if you do not like Bill O’Herlihy’s studio comments or Gary Lineker’s style of presentation or you are living in Ireland or in the UK, for example, though a national of another country what alternatives are there?
And what about if you are Irish but travelling abroad on holiday or on business? Maybe you just like to watch the LIVE pictures but not have any commentary? Here let us mention the excellent service being provided by the oft maligned Eurovision organisation.

The Eurovision service promises coverage of the Laser Radial medal race on Monday though hopefully RTE will liaise with the Olympics Broadcasting Service (O.B.S) to ensure that the feed is available on RTE also

This is what RTE says :

“If you are travelling or on holidays in Europe during the Olympic Games you can stay in touch with how the Irish are faring in London by watching RTÉ’s coverage live via the EBU’s Olympic Portal at www.eurovisionsports.tv/london2012/.

The EBU’s Olympic Portal will carry all of RTÉ Two’s televised Olympic programming.

If you are in a participating country you can watch the live coverage of all other EBU members, apart from the coverage of the host broadcaster in the country you are in.

So, for instance, if you are in England you can access RTÉ’s live coverage online via the EBU’s Olympic Portal, but to access the BBC’s live coverage you would have to visit the BBC website.

Similarly, users in Ireland can access all of RTÉ’s live televised coverage only on the RTÉ website, but can also access the coverage of the other EBU members, including the BBC, via the EBU’s Olympic Portal.

To access the live streams, and for a list of participating countries and stations, simply visit www.eurovisionsports.tv/london2012/

How to access the live streams via the EBU’s Olympic Portal:

Go to www.eurovisionsports.tv/london2012

Click on the EBU Members Live button under the Playlist menu beneath the video player.

Select your chosen channel.

And you should be able to legally view your chosen country and sport.


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