Saturdays GAA Results


Saturday 21 July

All-Ireland SFC qualifier round 3
Kildare 0-19 0-12 Limerick, Portlaoise AET
Leitrim 1-11 1-13 Laois, Carrick on Shannon FT
Kerry 1-16 1-06 Tyrone, Killarney FT
Tipperary 0-10 0-08 Antrim, Thurles FT

Live score commentary
9:13pm Kildare will play Sligo next week, going to be a tough match.
9:13pm Awful scenes by Limeick’s Stephen Kelly , he looked to have punched two players and made a shocking tackle on Johnny Doyle. He only gets a yellow(Madness)
9:12pm Into injury time of extra time.
9:10pm Limerick will feel really unlucky, they were twenty seconds from winning in normal time.
9:09pm Seanie Johnston kicks his second point of extra time.
9:08pm A tired Johnny Doyle kicks a free wide from fourteen yards out.
9:07pm Eoghan Doyle with a point for Kildare, its back to a six point game.
9:05pm Free in for Limerick, Ian Ryan gets the first Limerick score in thirty five minutes.
9:04pm Limerick cannot get on the ball.
9:03pm Kildare are on the attack.
9:02pm We are back underway in the second half.
8:59pm What a first half of extra time from Kildare. They could now win by ten, even against the breeze.
8:58pm Eoghan O’Flaherty point on the stroke of half time, Kildare lead by six points.
8:57pm Fogarty hits another wide for Kildare.
8:56pm Hugh McGrillan kicks a wide for Kildare.
8:56pm Seanie Johnston puts Kildare five up.
8:55pm Johnny Doyle free with another score from a free.
8:54pm Morgan O’Flaherty point for Kildare from fifty yards out.
8:52pm Players on the ground all over the field with cramp.
8:51pm Johnny Doyle hits a wide, only inches outside the post.
8:50pm Emmet Bolton is off injured. Ollie Lyons is also off the Kildare side.
8:48pm Paudie O’Neill puts the Lily whites two up, they have the breeze in this half.
8:48pm James Kavanagh puts Kildare in front.
8:47pm Extra time is on. No changes on either side.
8:43pm Two weekends in a row of extra time for Limerick players, it will be very hard on their legs.
8:42pm Both sides are getting ready for extra time, Limerick will be hoping to get an early score.
8:37pm It was very brave from Kildare they only had seconds to get the equaliser.
8:36pm We are into extra time in Portlaoise.
8:35pm Kildare get level, who else but Emmet Bolton.
8:34pm Good comeback from Laois, they nearly kicked they game away. They could of hit twemty wides on the evening.
8:33pm O’Flaherty kicks another wide for Kildare
8:32pm Leitrim need a goal, only seconds left in it.
8:30pm Its a score for Laois, they now lead by two.
8:30pm Foley with a wide for Kildare, he could of easily passed to a team mate in a better position.
8:29pm Tierney with another wide for Laois.
8:28pm Conlon gets Leitrim back to within one.
8:24pm James Kavanagh gets Kildare to one down.
8:22pm Padraig Clancy with another wide for Laois.
8:21pm Johnny Doyle gets a much needed score for Kildare.
8:21pm Mulligan gets Leitrim back to one behind.
8:20pm Leitrim need the next score if they are to have any chance of an upset.
8:19pm Another awful wide by Kildare, the management are going nuts on the sideline.
8:18pm Its another easy free for Laois, they now lead by two. MJ Tierney free
8:17pm The referee is getting a lot of stick from the Kildare fans.
8:16pm Poor wide from an easy free by Micky Conway for Kildare.
8:15pm Limerick back to three up, Kildare cannot get level.
8:13pm Its another score for Ross Munnelly
8:12pm Ross Munnelly gets laois back level.
8:11pm Micky Conway kicks his third point for Kildare, Seanie Johnston is on for the Lily whites.
8:10pm What a point from Kevin Conlon, Leitrim up by two points.
8:09pm Eoghan O’Connor with a stunning point for Limerick
8:08pm Laois kick their tenth wide, they really should be winning.
8:07pm Micky Conway scores his second point for Kildare.
8:06pm Another score for Laois, Leitrim need a point.
8:05pm Colm Begley with a point for Laois, they needed that score.
8:05pm Gerard Collins with a lovely score for Limerick, it back to three.
8:04pm Ian Ryan restores Limericks two point lead, he really is deadly from the placed ball.
8:03pm Still no score in the second half in Carrick, just over 5,000 in attendance.
8:02pm Foley kicks Kildare to within one point.
8:00pm Ross Munnelly with another wide, Laois just keep kicking shots wide.
7:59pm Rob Kelly gets a point for Kildare.
7:58pm Kildare v Limerick second half is underway.
7:58pm Another poor wide for Laois.
7:57pm Poor shot by Padriag Clancy is easily caught by the Leitrim keeper.
7:55pm Leitrim v Laois second half is underway.
7:50pm Laois are very lucky to be only three points down, the first few scores of the second half will be vital.
7:48pm Its going to be very interesting how much significance the breeze will have for Kildare against Limerick in the second half.
7:42pm Looks like Kildare might need subs Dermot Early and Seanie Johnson in the second half.
7:40pm Quaid puts Limerick three up at half time.
7:39pm Stephen Kelly kicks Limerick two points ahead.
7:39pm Ray Cox kicks a point on the half time whistle, Leitrim lead by Laois by three.
7:38pm Nearly half time at both venues and the under dogs lead.
7:36pm Conor Boyle is given a gift of a GOAL for Laois.
7:35pm Stunning point by Clarke for Leitrim.
7:34pm Micky Conway gets a score for Kildare, they are now one down.
7:33pm Laois get a point from a thirteen yard free.
7:33pm Its five wides apiece in Portlaoise.
7:32pm Its over fifteen minutes since Kildare got a score.
7:30pm Gary Walsh kicks an easy free wide for Laois.
7:29pm Kildare are really finding it hard to get in behind the Limerick defense.
7:28pm The crowd are going nuts supporting Leitrim as Mulligan puts them five ahead.
7:26pm Mulligan kicks Leitrim four points ahead.
7:24pm Conlon gets GOAL for LEITRIM.
7:23pm Ian Ryan hits a wide for Limerick, looked the easiest chance of the night.
7:23pm Poor wide from Conlon, he should of given Leitrim the lead.
7:22pm Emlyn Mulligan levels it up for Leitrim.
7:20pm Ian Ryan is on fire, he hits his fifth score.
7:19pm Ian Ryan with Limericks fourth point, they regain their lead.
7:18pm James Kavangh kicks a great point from play for the lily whites. Its all level in Portlaoise
7;17pm Padriag Clancy gives Laois the lead.
7:15pm Ian Ryan with Limericks third point of day and they lead by one.
7:15pm We have a delay in Carrick on Shannon with the referee going off injured.
7:13pm Alan Smith with a good score from play for Kildare.
7:11pm Ryan gives Limerick the lead against Kildare.
7:10pm Ross Munnelly with a nice score for Laois.
7:10pm Limerick level it up against Kildare. Ian Ryan gets his first of the night.
7:09pm Leitrim now lead by two points. Ray Cox with the point.
7:08pm E O’Flaherty opens the scoring for Kildare.
7:08pm Mulligan gives Leitrim the lead from another free
7:07pm Another wide for Kildare, Limerick are playing very very deep. Its going to be a low scoring match.
7:06pm Poor wide by Ross Munnelly from an easy free.
7:06pm Its two wides apiece for Limerick and Kildare
7:05pm Kildare have had a few chances but no score in the game yet.
7:03pm Emlyn Mulligan levels it for Leitrim from a free.
7:02pm Gary Walsh opens the scoring for Laois.
7:01pm James Clancy kicks the first wide of the match for Laois against Leitrim.
6:59pm We are about to kick off at both venues, lets hope for two tight matches.
6:52pm It will be interesting to see can the two Leinster teams win this evening.

6:50pm Kildare v Limerick team news
Kildare : S Connolly; A MacLochlainn, P Kelly, H McGrillen; E Bolton, M O’Flaherty, E Doyle; M Foley, R Kelly; E O’Flaherty, M Conway, A Smith; J Doyle, T O’Connor, J Kavanagh.
Limerick: B Scanlon; A Lane, J McCarthy, L O’Dwyer; J Riordan, S Lucey, P Ranahan; J Donovan, S Buckley; E O’Connor, S Kelly, P Browne; G Collins, S O’Carroll, I Ryan.

6:45pm Leitrim v Laois team news
Leitrim : C McCrann; P Maguire, F McMorrow, A Wynne; C Clarke, E Williams, D Beck; D Sweeney, S Moran; P McGowan, E Mulligan, P Brennan; R Cox, J Glancy, K Conlon.
Laois : E Culliton; C Healy, K Meaney, J Kavanagh; D Strong, J O’Loughlin, C Boyle; B Quigley, C Begley; R Munnelly, B Sheehan, G Walsh; D O’Connor, P Clancy, C Kelly.

6:35pm Its an easy win for Kerry, Tyrone did not score for the last thirty minutes of play.
6:31pm Curtain gets a yellow card, it should of been red.
6:29pm Patrick Curtain comes on for Kerry and kicks a point with his first touch.
6:27pm Great punched point by Kieran Donaghy, he has had a great match.
6:25pm Shocking wide by Stephen O’Neill, Kerry have been totally on top in defense.
6:24pm Its another from Cooper, this time from thirty yards from play.
6:24pm Colm Cooper kicks over a free after Darren O’Sullivan is fouled
6:22pm This maybe the last match in charge for the great Micky Harte.
6:21pm Apart from the two goals, its been a very poor second half.
6:20pm Brian McGuigan is on for Tyrone and gets a RED CARD with his first tackle.
6:18pm Colm Cooper becomes the eleventh player to get yellow.
6:16pm Peter Harte gets a yellow card. Thats tenth of the evening.
6:15pm Tyrone need a few scores if they are to stay in the match.
6:14pm Colm Cooper kicks his fourth point of the day. Kerry lead by six.
6:13pm Darren O’Sullivan is in for Kerry.
6:12pm James O’Donoghue kicks his second point of the day for Kerry.
6:11pm Poor wide from Colm Cooper.
6:10pm Stephen O’Neill is in for Kerry for the last twenty minutes.
6:09pm Sean O’Neill kicks a point from near the half way line for Tyrone.
6:08pm GOAL by Kieran Donaghy, great pass by Bryan Sheehan.
6:07pm Its amazing there are still thirty players on the pitch. Marc O’Shea and McCurry get yellow cards.
6:05pm Conor Gormely gets a deflected GOAL for Tyrone, great play by Joe McMahon.
6:04pm McCurry is very unlucky with a long range shot, it drops into the keepers hands.
6:02pm Declan O’Sullivan kicks his third point from play for Kerry.
6:01pm Mulligan hits his second and Tyrone’s sixth wide of the match.
6:00pm Cassidy hits a point for Tyrone, it may of been easier to score a goal. Chance missed.
5:59pm Sheehan hits over an easy free, Kerry lead by five.
5:58pm We are back underway in Killarney.
5:55pm Adam Scott leads the British Open by five after twelve holes.
5:45pm Graeme McDowell hits back to back birides on the 13th and 14th.
5:39pm Its half time in Killarney, Kerry should be out of sight but only lead by four.
5:37pm Three minutes injury time.
5:36pm Penrose hits over a free for Tyrone, they hardly deserve to be only four down.
5:35pm McCurry kicks his first point and it was badly needed.
5:33pm Kerry hit four points in as many minutes, Colm Cooper hits this.
5;33pm Great point by Paul Galvin, off his left foot from forty yards.
5:32pm Declan O’Sullivan kicks his second score of the match, Kerry by four.
5;32pm Sheehan kicks a wide, forwards finding it difficult to get scores.
5:31pm Eoin Mulligan kicks another wide for Tyrone.
5:30pm Kerry should be six or seven points ahead at this stage.
5:28pm Kieran Donaghy hits the post from a difficult angle.
5:26pm James O’Donoghue kicks the score of a match, Kerry lead by three points.
5:25pm Colm Cooper punches the ball against the post, should of been a score.
5:24pm Donnelly with a wide for Tyrone.
5:23pm Sheehan kicks a magnificent point from a free.
5:22pm Kavanagh and Donaghy get yellow cards as well.
5:20pm Paul Galvin gets a yellow.
5:19pm Lot of niggling off the ball, we are going to see a red card soon.
5:18pm Shot from Tomas O’Shea goes inches wide.
5:17pm Penrose and Enright get yellow cards.
5;15pm Ronan McMenamy hits Tyrone’s third wide.
5:13pm Conor Clarke kicks a nice point for Tyrone.
5:11pm Ryan McMenamin is on the Tyrone team.
5:11pm Conor Gormley gets a yellow card
5:10pm Great defending by Kerry and they go on the attack.
5;08pm Poor wide from Sean O’Neill for Tyrone
5:06pm James O’Donoghue gets a free for Kerry, Sheehan makes no mistakes from the placed ball.
5:04pm Great point from Colm Cooper, nice play by Paul Galvin to set it up.
5:04pm Colm Kavanagh his a point for Tyrone after a poor kick out by Kerry.
5:03pm Joe McMahon hits a free wide for Tyrone.
5:03pm O’Sullivan hits the first score of the match.
5:02pm We are underway and Kerry have the breeze, Donaghy hits an early wide.
5:00pm Huge blow for Tyrone, Stephen O’Neill does not start.
4:55pm Danedream wins the King George, St Nicholas Abbey finished well for third.
4:50pm Update from the British Open :Adam Scott & Snedeker share lead on -9, Tiger Woods -6; Ernie Els -5, McDowell -4; Lawrie -3; Donald -1. Finsihed Westwood +4; McIlroy +5.
4:45pm Team news from Kerry v Tyrone
Kerry: B Kealy, M Ó Sé, A O’Mahony, S Enright; T Ó Sé, E Brosnan, K Young, A Maher, B Sheehan, P Galvin, D O’ Sullivan, D Walsh, J O’Donoghue, C Cooper, K Donaghy.
Tyrone: P McConnell, A McCrory, C Clarke, D Carlin, C McCarron, C Gormley, Sean O’Neill, J McMahon, C Cavanagh, Matthew Donnelly, Mark Donnelly, P Harte, M Penrose, Stephen O’Neill, O Mulligan.
4.34pm Full-time in Semple Stadium
4.33pm McCann with a goal chance just wide
4.31pm Maloney gives Tipp breathing room
4.26pm Mulvihill gives Tipp the lead again
4.26pm Maloney wide for Tipp
4.23pm Antrim Sub: Ryan Murray on for Conor Murray
4.21pm Magill brings Antrim back level
4.20pm Dublin lead Cork 2-02 to 1-02 in the other minor ladies football semi
4.16pm Antrim sub: Michael McGill on for Kevin Niblock
4.16pm Acheson gives Tipp the lead again
4.13pm All Ireland Minor Ladies Semi Final Result: Tyrone 1-14 – 1-12 Mayo AET
4.12pm Quinlivan hits the post as Tipp build a bit of pressure
4.10pm Michael McCann levels again
4.08 Maloney puts Tipp back in front with their first score of the half
4.06pm Kevin Brady levels things
4.00pm Quinlivan wide for Tipp
3.59pm Tomas McCann with a point for the Saffrons
3.58pm Brian Mulvihill on for Richie Ryan is Tipp’s half-time change, Michael Armstrong comes on for Antrim
3,56pm Second half is off
3.37pm Half-time in Semple Stadium
3.37pm Phillip Austin wide a close wide from an effort on goal
3.36pm James Loughrey again
3.35pm Loughrey with a nice point for Antrim
3.35pm Two minutes of injury time added
3.34pm Maloney again
3.31pm Simon McDonagh gets another for Antrim
3.30pm Antrim hit their seventh wide of the day
3.28pm Michael Quinlivan goes into the referee’s book for a bit of handbags
3.24pm Hannigan for Tipp
3.21pm Tomas McCann with a wide from a free
3.19pm McCann with Antrim’s first
3.19pm All-Ireland Premier Junior Camogie HT – Laois 1-5 Kildare 0-6
3.16pm Leahy with a wide for Tipp
3.15pm Michael Quinlivan adds from a free
3.12pm Maloney again, Tipp playing well
3.09pm Maloney gets his and Tipp’s second
3.07pm Alan Maloney opens the scoring with a point for Tipp
3.06pm Very low turnout from Tipp fans, no score as yet
3.00pm Eddie Kinsella gets us under way in Semple Stadium

2:53pm Antrim: Chris Kerr; Anton Healy, Ricky Johnston, KEvin O’Boyle; Tony Scullion, Justin Crozier, James Loughrey; Michael McCann, Conal Kelly; Conor Murray, Mark Sweeney, Kevin Niblock; Tomás McCann, Owen Gallagher, Marty Johnston

2:21pm We’re still waiting on the Antrim team but one thing we do know is that Aodhan Gallagher will play no part having quit the panel during the week. The Tipp line up is

Tipperary: P Fitzgerald; A Morrissey, P Codd, C McDonald; B Fox, R Kiely, A Campbell; G Hannigan, H Coghlan; R Ryan, A Maloney, D Leahy; M Quinlivan, P Acheson, P Austin.




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