Dublin snatch draw with Kilkenny

Paul Ryan snatched a draw for Dublin with an injury time point, Dublin really desereved a draw after hitting a huge amount of wides.


Match Tracker
Match Over
70+4 Paul Ryan gets the equaliser for Dublin.
70+3 Another shocking wide by Dwyer for Dublin.
70+2 Shocking wide by former footballer Shane Ryan.
70+1min Dublin have a side line cut down at the Kilkenny end line.
70min Paul Ryan hits another bad wide from play for Dublin.
69min Four minutes injury time announced.
68min Paul Ryan gets Dublin back to within one point.
67min Liam Rushe wins a free for Dublin, Ryan should hit it over.
66min Paul Ryan hits the first Dublin score in 14 minutes.
65min Dublin win a 65.
63min Great save by the Dublin keeper when it looked to be over the bar.
62min Looks like its going to be Kilkennys night.
59min Anthony Daly is ringing the changes on the Dublin team.
58min Matthew Ruth gets a vital goal for Kilkenny, who are no three ahead.
56min Poor miss by Keaney from the 65.
55min Should of been a Dublin goal, poor miss by Paul Ryan who gets a 65.
54min TJ Reid hits a wide for Kilkenny.
53min Quite few minutes in shocking conditions in Croke Park.
51min Eoin Larkin gets a yellow card.
49min Darragh Plunkett gets a equaliser for Dublin.
48min Matthew Ruth gives Kilkenny the lead for the first time.
45min Easy point for Michael Fennelly who levels the match.
44min Richie Hogan scores his fifth point of the night.
43min Another bad wide by Dublin, TJ Reid is on for the Cats.
42min Liam Rushe hits Dublin first point of the second half.
41min Shane Durkin hits a poor shot on target that lands in the Kilkenny keepers hands.
40min Darragh Plunkett hits a poor wide for Dublin.
38min Richie Hogan hits a great point from play to leave only one in it.
37min Richie Hogan hits the 65 wide.
36min Early shot on goal by Eddie Brennan ut its well saved by the Dublin keeper
36min The referee throws in the ball for the second half. Its an awful night in Croke Park.
35+2min Stunning goal by Eddie Brennan on the whistle of half time.
35+2min Keaney gives Dublin a five point lead coming up to half time.
35+1min Ryan O’Dwyer hits Dublin’s 10th wide.
35min Michael Fennelly gets a point for Kilkenny.
34min Two minutes injury time announced.
33min Paul Ryan gets a goal for Dublin.
33min Thunder and Lightening in Croke Park.
32min Eddie Brennan gets a easy point for Killkenny.
31min John McCaffery gets his first point of the night for Dublin.
30min Richie Hogan gets his first point from play.
29min Two quick points from Dublin, Paul Ryan gets the second.
27min Hogan hits over a free after three misses.
26min Keaney hits his 40th point of the league to leave Dublin ahead by two.
25min Nice point by Fogarty for Kilkenny.
24min Keaney gives Dublin a two point lead.
24min Great save by Noel Hickey in the cats goal from Dottsie O’Callaghan. Its out for a 65.
23min Ryan O’Dwyer hits his second point of the night to give the Dubs the lead.
22min Matthew Ruth hits Kilkennys fourth wide.
21min Another wide by Hogan.
21min Richie Hogan has a 65 to give the Cats the lead.
20min Great save by Gary Mcguire in the Dublin goal, but Matthew Ruth hits it into the back of the net.
19min Poor shot by Eddie Breenan is easily saved by te Dublin keeper.
17min Michael Fennelly gets a yellow card for Kilkenny.
15min Hogan hits a another wide, this time from a free.
14min Richie Hogan hits a 65wide for Kilkenny.
12min Liam Rushe gets a poitn from play for Dublin.
11min Peter Kelly makes a great bloke from a shot on goal by Eddie Brennan, but Brennan gets point from the clearance.
10min Paul Ryan hits a nice point from play for Dublin.
9min Keaney wins a free for Dublin, he gives Dublin a two point lead.
8min Its now five wides, with O’Dwyer hitting another wide.
7min Ryan O’Dwyer makes it a 4th wide for Dublin.
6min Miss from Darron Plunket on the Dublin team.
4min Keaney gets a point from play by Dublin.
3min Its a point for Richie Hogan to level the match.
2min Poor miss by Paul Ryan who should of had a goal for Dublin.
1min Its an early point for Dublin from Ryan O’Dwyer
0min Both teams need a win to keep their hopes alive of a getting to a national league final.

Team News
Kilkenny – NHL V Dublin: D Herity; M Kavanagh, N Hickey, J Dalton; P Hogan, B Hogan, C Fogarty; P Murphy, E Larkin; R Hogan, M Fennelly, C Fennelly; M Ruth, E Brennan, A Fogarty.

Dublin hurlers made a fantastic start to the league and were unbeaten until suffering a narrow defeat against Galway last weekend. The Blues were very wasteful on that occasion and 19 wides were certainly the difference between defeat and victory.

Match Preview
Anthony Daly’s men had looked assured of a league final spot, but now face a difficult run in, starting with the visit of Kilkenny on Saturday night. The Cats have been more forward then usual this season and while they have yet to turn on the style they have been getting the job done each weekend. They now find themselves with every chance of making the final of the competition and with this prize in sight, Brian Cody’s side are unlikely to take their foot off the pedal this weekend.

Dublin have been hit by the loss of Conor McCormack, who hit some fine scores against Galway, and with captain Stephen Hiney already out, their season is beginning to unravel around them. Daly will be looking for a big performance from his side on Saturday night, as they need the points if they are to remain in contention for a final spot.

The momentum has been with the Cats in recent weeks and now that Cody’s men have got the winning feeling they will prove very difficult to stop. Dublin will not fear Kilkenny, having beaten them in a Walsh Cup final, but the smart money must be on the black and amber to emerge from headquarters with the win.

Verdict: Kilkenny


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