Munster beat Brive in Amlin Challenge Cup

In what has to be one of the best European matches this season Munster beat Brive in Amlin Challenge Cup quarter final.

Munster went into an early 12-0 lead, with Brive battling back to lead at half time but Munster controlled the second half and held on to win by 5pts in the end.

Brive 37 – Munster 42
78min (M) Belie- conversion
78min (M) Perry- try
70min (M) Belie- conversion
70min (M) Palisson- try
69min (M) O’Gara – penalty
66min (M) O’Gara – penalty
54min (M) O’Gara – penalty
50min (M) O’Gara – conversion
50min (M) Stringer- try
46min (M) O’Gara – conversion
46min (M) Earls- try
44min (B) Belie – penalty goal
36min (B) Belie – penalty goal
23min (M) O’Gara – conversion
22min (M) Howlett – try
21min (B) Belie – conversion
20min (B) Estebanez – try
18min (B) Belie – conversion
17min (B) Uys – try
10min (B) Belie – penalty goal
4min (M) Earls – try
2min (M) O’Gara – conversion
1min (M) Howlett – try
80min F/T played

82min Brive have knocked on and thats it. Well done to both teams, great game
80min Brive have it, the clock is up and Munster just need to defend it. Brive penalty, they run it. Brive on the Munster 10 min line, Brive are attacking
79min Try is converted and their 5 points in it with less than a minute to go
78min Great work for Donnacha Ryan cleared the pressure there – but its not for long, Shaun Perry has crossed over the line,
77min was that a poor call by Brive, why didn’t they run it, they need two converted tries to win it. The clocks is being eaten down now – Brive win the line out and push towards the line. The ball is somehow spilled on the line and its cleared,
77min Brive have turned it over and make it down to the Munster 22. Munster caught offside and its a penalty to Brive – they go for the line out
76min Munster holding the ball well now, all the experience is being used, this should take the sting out of Brive
74min Earls was nearly away but tackled by Brive and the ball is spilled forward, scrum to Brive. And we thought last weeks game with Leinster was good.. this has been rugby of the highest order
72min Brive have the wind in their sails now and a poor decision from Brive sub Shaun Perry who kicks a grubber with people out wide, Munster under pressure, what a game. its all Brive now
70min Belie Kick is good, 12 points in it, 10 min to go
70min Palisson Try – I spoke too soon, Brive score an intercepted try, loose pass from Niall Ronan
69min Another great kick, this is surely game over now with 12 minutes to go
68min Another penalty and O’Gara opts to kick again, its another long one, this time just inside the Brive half, he’s been on song of late though and fancies this
66min Niall Ronan on for Wallace, Brive needs three scores including 2 tries to win this, a big ask but you never know in this game. Its been a good second half, more disciplined from Munster despite their 2 tries
65min Penalty to Munster as Stringer is tackled high, O’Gara opts to kick from the Brive 10m line, if this goes over, it could be game over
63min long pass to Noon is missed by the Englishman and its Munster ball, Noon has been quiet today, stringer to put into the scrum. Early engagement gives Munster a penalty, quickly taken and Leamy breaks. Kick falls to Brive’s spelling up calls the mark
62min Jones down after that and Munster have the ball – Azoulai on for Le Devedec, scrum to Munster who win and play the ball to O’Gara who kicks downfield, line out Brive on Munster’s 10m line
60min Another penalty to Brive and this time they kick to touch – 20 min to go and Brive are still in this, another penalty and they kick and go, just metres from the Munster line, played is played out wide to Noon but Munster defends well. A cross field kick is brilliantly taken by Felix Jones, wonderful take to relief the pressure
57min Brive opts to kick, it was a long way out though and he misses, perhaps they would have been better kicking to touch. Hayes is about to come on for Buckley. Its been a hard game for Buckley but he’s played his part
56min scrum to Munster, the scrum collapses and both teams regroup – Buckley slips again to give the penalty to Brive
54min late tackle by Brive on Howlett by the replacement second row, Mela. Penalty to Munster, O’gara to kick and he does
53min Kick to the wings is too hard and its goes straight out, line out to Brive
51min Tuitupou goes off as Murphy comes on as O’Gara kicks the simpliest of kicks, Munster have come from 4 down to lead by 10, What a game
50min Brive guilty off holding on, penalty to Munster who kick downfield – out of nothing they get another TRY, this time from Stringer who dinks it over and collects – Fantastic, Munster have scored 5 tries today and we have 30 min to go
48min Stringer on for Murray, Brive attack back straight from the kick off
46min O’Gara with a great kick from the touchline, Munster ahead
46min Fantastic try! this time its Earls who says if Howlett can get two I can, lovely counter attacking rugby and they collect Brive’s kick and run it
45min lovely passage of play as Munster run it from their own half, jones, coughlan and murray all do well. Ball is turned over though and kick down field
44min Belie kicks and Brive have started the same as they finish the first half, now lead by 4 points
43min Great kick and Brive now on the Munster 22 with a line out – Brive win it comfortably and ball is passed out to wings, Palisson taken down 5m from munster line. Murray kicks but Brive collect. O’Callaghan catches Palisson high and its a penalty to Brive
42min Scrum to Munster, they’ve struggled with the last two, hopefully they get it right, teams drove before the ball went in so it reset. More problems, Buckey under pressure and its a penalty to Brive
41min Second half is under way – lets hope its as good as the first
40min H/T Palisson misses and the ref blows it, some first half.
40min Buckley penalised in the scrum, big pressure from Brive there, Palisson opts to kick 7 yards into the Munster half – big kick
39min Conor Murray is down after a knock to the head – he seems ok though. Its been a great half. Play resumes with a scrum to Brive a minute to half time
38min Kick down field by Brive collected by O’Gara who launches it back with Interest, Leamy is quick up on the tackle but Brive come away with it
37min Penalty to Brive, big kick required here from Belie, great kick by him puts Brive in front by a point
35min Munster turn it over after Noon lose pass, Brive collect and kick into the Munster 22 – Munster line out, Brive wins it. Varley’s line outs have been poor, maybe the heat is affecting him
33min Howlett tacked into touch, Brive line out just passed half way in the Munster half
32min Munster kick to touch – pressure on Varley now who finds his man, O’Driscoll with the take
31min Lovely chip and catch from Belie, great skill, sadly his pass from Palisson is knocked on. deserved better there – Munster scrum, their first put in. Deliberate swinging of the scrum, penalty to Munster.
29min both sides are playing enterprising rugby, its like watching two French teams play,
27min lovely break from Le Devedec, play ends with Brive going out on touch – another poor line out from Varley, another scrum to Brive, careless
26min Penalty to Munster and O’Gara finds a nice touch – murray at scrum half and O’Driscoll in for O’Connell having good openings – Varley’s throw in is not straight and its a scrum to Brive
24min Belie’s pass is knocked forward and we have the first scrum of the match almost 25 min in
22min O’Gara kicks it from under the posts – Munster back in front
22min This is some game, Brive broke from the kick off and looked dangerous, Earls won it and passed to Jones who passed at pace to Howlett to under, what a opening quarter we’ve had
20min Belie converts again, Brive have turned this game right around. Ref has called a water break – its in the 30’s out there so Munster will need the fluid and a chance to regroup
19min has the momentum swung Brive’s way? They get a penalty from the kick off and kick to touch. Brive are running it now and its another TRY!, Estebanez strolls it in, brushing off the Munster back line
17min Belie converts, game on
17min Munster defending well but Brive pushing on, their moving the ball right to left and the pressure pays off as fast ball out the win gets to Uys who touches down – TRY!
16min Its a penalty to Brive and Maifi is carded, much to the delight of the crowd – Brive kick to touch – 5m out. Big test for Munster
15min This time Brive turn it over and they run it, hint of a late high tackle as Palisson chips and runs, Pearson is looking at this, could be trouble for Maifi
14min Munster up fast on O’Gara’s kick downfield, Brive do well to hold on. Its a turnover on half/way through Buckley
13min Belie has missed, left off for Munster
12min Poor kick by Jones fall straight to Brive, penalty for not releasing, Brive have a chance to reduce the score to 6
11min Belie kicks it – Brive make a chance already with Namy forced off. O’Gara restarts and box kicks is collected by Earls
10min Brive win the line out and its a maul no, its adv Brive as Varley goes offside – play ends with the ref calling it back for the penalty. Brive have decided to kick
9min Penalty, Earls offside, Brive kick to the Munster 22
8min Felix Jones kicks through and the bounce goes his way, its a line out in the Brive 22
6min Still waiting for the first scrum of the game, Brive restart again, they looked shell shocked
5min Another try, what a start, Munster have come here to run it, and run they are, some lovely back play – Earls with a fantastic try with a weaving break and run
3min Brive restart
2min The best of possible starts as Munster go over for a try inside the first minute – which O’Gara converts, Maifi offloading to Howlett who goes in under the post

Munster Team: 15: F Jones 14: D Howlett 13: L Mafi 12: S Tuitupou 11: K Earls 10: R O’Gara 9: C Murray 1: W du Preez 2: D Varley 3: T Buckley 4: D O’Callaghan 5: M O’Driscoll 6: D Leamy 7: D Wallace 8: J Coughlan

Replacements:16: M Sherry 17: M Horan 18: J Hayes 19: D Ryan 20: N Ronan 21: P Stringer
22: P Warwick 23: J Murphy

Brive Team: 15: S Spedding: 14: G Namy, 13: J Noon, 12: F Estebanez, 11: A Palisson; 10: M Belie, 9: A Figuerola; 1: D Kinchagishvili, 2: B Cabello,3: P Cardinali; 4: T Dubarry,5: R Uys; 6: G Vosloo, 7:A Claassen, 8:J Le Devedec.

0min 20 minutes to kick off – the winner of this game will play Harlequins, who beat Wasps 33-22 last night in the semi final. The weather in Brive is beautiful but it is hot and hopefully Munster won’t wilt in the heat of France


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