Obama invited to National Basketball Arena

Basketball Ireland have confirmed that an invite has been sent to the US embassy and the White House, for President Obama to attend the National Basketball Arena as part of his trip to Ireland in May.

The association believes it would be fitting that the US President would visit Basketball HQ considering the numerous US basketball teams, who have played in the National Basketball Arena and the number of American basketball players playing in Ireland. The visit would also provide a huge boost to the Tallaght area and would showcase the major developments that have taken place in the south west region of Dublin.

A potential visit would provide a very important injection of confidence and recognition for the hundreds of thousands of volunteers and players involved in Basketball in Ireland. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States and the sight of the President wearing an Ireland jersey would be a sight to behold for the millions of Irish Americans.

President Obama is a passionate basketball supporter and has actually spoken of his desire to have a basketball court installed at the White House.

The National Basketball Arena hosts a range of top quality sporting events including international basketball competitions, football, boxing, martial arts and gymnastics. On top of this, the 2000 seated venue caters for exhibitions, seminars and other cultural programmes.


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