Galway hurling future looks bleak

Former Galway player and manager Conor Hayes, has said that he doubts if the present side are good enough to win an All Ireland,given their embarrassing defeat against Tipperary in their last league outing.

Galway had been unbeaten going into the game against the All-Ireland champions in Salthill but suffered a heavy 18-point defeat.

Hayes, who captained the county to All-Ireland glory in the ’80s, feels the defeat was indicative of serious shortcomings in the Galway ranks.

He told the Irish Independent, “It was an abysmal performance. They were flattened in the second half and it was very worrying from a Galway viewpoint that the team didn’t stand up when the real pressure came on.

“Instead, they allowed Tipperary to walk through them. It was embarrassing at times. There seemed to be a bit of panic on the sideline too.

“It was a game where Galway should have been putting down a marker, but, instead of that, they were wiped out. It was even worse than the performance in Thurles last year when Tipperary also ran through them in the second half.”

Galway have made nine changes to that team so hopefully Hayes will change his opinion after today.


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