Croke Park not in touch with reality

Former Kilkenny captain Eddie O’Connor has hit out at GAA bosses Christy Cooney and Paraic Duffy over the payments to managers issue.

Director-General, Duffy has been working on an in-depth report, while current President Cooney recently labeled the problem “a cancer” in the GAA. President-in-waiting Liam O’Neill has also spoke out in favour of the voluntary ethos of the Association.

The County Board of All-Ireland hurling champions Tipperary, are firmly in favour of payments and have attempted to appoint county football manager John Evans as Director of Football. The GAA blocked the move.

Eddie O’Connor, has now spoken out in favour of payments to managers. The former All Ireland winner wrote a piece in the Irish Independent and Irish Daily Star newspapers on Friday, in which he said, “Some of the people in Croke Park, they’re not in touch with reality at all.

“They’re not in touch with the people on the ground. It’s the people on the ground that are doing all the work.

“Rumours has it that Christy Cooney is on €3,000 a week so he has some neck to be coming out with those comments.

“If he’s that concerned about the GAA, why don’t himself and Paraic Duffy do the job for nothing? It beggars belief.”


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