New York trip costing over 40k

Teams from Connacht, who draw New York in the championship may seek funding from Croke Park,after it emerged yesterday that the travelling county loses out up to €40,000 for each trip.

Roscommon officials are due to meet next week, and chairman Michael Fahey has been critical of the cost of last weekend’s journey stateside. Last year the Galway football board had a total bill of €93,500 for their trip, with the Connacht Council providing a grant of €50,000.

Michael Fahey raised the matter in New York at a banquet organised by the Roscommon football club there.

“We want this to continue, but I would ask New York to consult with the smaller counties,” he said. “The costs involved are enormous and it’s unfair that we have to raise the funds ourselves.”
The New York association are believed to fund between 40 and 50 pc of that Connacht council grant of €50,000, but the remainder of the trip has to be paid for by the visitors.

Galway football board chairman John Joe Holleran says that is very difficult:

“There is no doubt it is an expensive game going out to New York, but the Gaels in New York will tell you how important it is to them. But I think Croke Park should be helping out a small bit more with the expense of it; it is tough to pay for.”


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