Search for first female racing commentator

Racing website, the internet part of Racing For Change, is seeking a female commentator. The website are offering one lady the chance to cover a race at Ascot on July 24. The winner will also receive £2,500 in prizemoney and a place on the industry’s training course, which all new commentators must complete.

At present there are no female racecourse commentators in either Britain or Ireland and many within the game see no reason why this should be the case. Perhaps the most famous of all commentators, Sir Peter O’Sullivan, says:

“I see no reason why we shouldn’t have female commentators. Ladies can be very quick and lively. You have to have an ability to think on your feet and most women have the ability to do that. I’m all for it – it is a tremendous idea. For too long it’s been a scene dominated by men and this is something we should embrace.”

Racing For Change consumer PR director Nick Attenborough is hoping that more women will apply before entries close on May 21:

“We ran a blogging competition recently and the bulk of the entries came inside the last 48 hours. There’s still time to practice, but we’ve been pleased with the response. One female journalist is keen to have a go, as are one or two who work on racecourses. But it would be nice to see a few more giving it a go. The racecourse will get the commentator’s feed, but the betting shop punter will get a different commentary (on July 24). There would be nothing worse than irate punters throwing pens at the screens in betting shops if the finalist got something wrong.”

He added: “I had to commentate on a pantomime horse race once. The horses were going three miles an hour – and it was still a very hard thing to do. You wouldn’t catch me trying to commentate on the real thing!”

Any ladies that fancy themselves as the next Sir Peter,should log on to and follow the links.


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