London 2012 cash to be taken

LOCOG, organisers of the London Olympics have from today started taking money from the accounts of people whose applications for tickets have been successful.

The process will continue daily until 24 June when people will be ‘officially’ notified as to which events they have been successful in securing tickets for, if any.

A London 2012 spokesman again warned that people must make sure they have sufficient funds available. If they do not then ‘their’ tickets will be offered to someone else.

Some 1.8 million applied for the initial 6.6 million tickets on offer in this, the first phase.

Refunds are not immediately available until London 2012 will launch its official resale service early in 2012 , through which people can offer their tickets for resale at face value – even then there is no guarantee they will be resold.

There will be further opportunities to purchase tickets for those unsuccessful in this ballot, and indeed for others who did not apply.

The opening and closing ceremonies were always expected to be massively over-subscribed, so too some of the big athletics events, swimming, track cycling and many of the cheaper tickets. Handball is also supposed to have had a much higher number of applications than expected whilst beach volleyball is

another that is likely to “sell out” especially once tickets are made available to applicants from the United States and Brazil.

Ticket allocation is completely random, so some unlucky applicants might end up without any, while others may be allocated all the tickets they applied for.

In September, some two million tickets for the Paralympic Games will be available (9 September).


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