Leitrim gain shock victory over Sligo

Sligo 0-10 v Leitrim 1-10, Markievicz Park FT

70+5 min It’s all over! Big shock and great win for Leitrim.
70+4 min David May scores free for Sligo.
70+3 min Small scraps breaking out on the field. Eamonn O’Hara sent off for Sligo and Emyln Mulligan also sees red for Leitrim.
70 min Mulligan kicks the ball over the bar. Four point lead and one man advantage for Leitrim. Looks all over.
69 min Red card for Sligo’s centre-half-back Brian Curren.
68 min Free in for Leitrim. This could seal it.
66 min Another wide for Sligo, their ninth. Only six for Leitrim.
64 min Darren Sweeney misses from a dead ball opportunity.
63 min Francis Quinn is replaced by David May for Sligo.
58 min Sligo reply immediately with a point.
58 min Goal for Leitrim! Conor Beirne round the goalkeeper to add to his impressive scoring tally. Four point lead for Leitrim.
57 min Francis Quinn shoots wide for Sligo.
56 min Leitrim lead again. Conor Beirne scores a good point.
55 min Sligo equalised in the intervening period.
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41 min Mark Breheny scores from a free for Sligo. The Yeats County have come out strong after half time.
37 min Mark Breheny scores a great point for Sligo.

Half Time Sligo 0-5 Leitrim 0-8. Despite playing against the breeze, Leitrim have performed well and deserve their lead at the break.

35 min Taylor scores for Sligo.
34 min Half-forward Francis Quinn fires wide for Sligo.
32 min Adrian Croal scores well for Leitrim.
30 min Conor Beirne scores his second point from a free.
28 min Goal chance for Sligo but Marren shoots over the bar.
26 min Sean Davey comes on for Sligo.
25 min Free in for Sligo dispatched. Sligo’s third point of the day.
22 min Conor Beirne scores for Leitrim.
21 minAnother wide for Sligo.
20 min Great score for Leitrim. James Clancy puts the ball over the bar for a three point lead.
20 minRoss Donovan comes off briefly for Sligo with a blood injury.
17 min Sligo have come into the game in the past five minutes after a strong start from Leitrim.
16 min Wide from Sligo’s Adrian Marren.
15 min Bad wide for Sligo.
14 min Adrian Marren reduces the deficit to two points with a great score.
11 minTomas Beirne scores for Leitrim.
10 min All Leitrim so far as Wayne McKeon scores.
8 min 45 for Sligo only results in a square ball.
7 minWide from Adrian Croal. First for Leitrim.
6 min Sligo off the mark as Francis Quinn scores.
3 min Enda Mulligan strikes well and fires the ball over the bar. Early two point lead for Leitrim.
2 min Free for Leitrim
1 min Good play from Leitrim leads to the opening point of the game from Paul Brennan.
0 min Sligo will be playing with the breeze in the first half.
70min played

Match tracker
0min Sligo and Leitrim begin their Connaught Championship campaigns this Sunday at Markievicz Park.

Team News
Sligo team: 1 P Greene, 2 Charlie Harrison, 3 Ross Donovan, 4 Neil Ewing, 5 Paul McGovern, 6 Brian Curran, 7 David Rooney, 8 Stephen Gilmartin, 9 Tony Taylor, 10 Alan Costello, 11 Eamonn O’Hara, 12 Francis Quinn, 13 Stephen Coen, 14 Kenneth Sweeney, 15 Adrian Marren

Leitrim team: Cathal McCrann, Dermot Reynolds, Ronan Gallagher, Paddy Maguire, Barry Prior, Gary Reynolds, Wayne McKeon, Tomás Beirne, Daniel Lowe, Paul Brennan, Emlyn Mulligan, Robert Lowe, Adrian Croal, Conor Beirne, James Glancy (Capt)

The sides are perennial underdogs in the province, winning a combined five Connaught championships between them, but Leitrim will enter the game as outsiders.

Last season provided highs and lows for Sligo. The Yeats County beat Galway and Mayo, but couldn’t overcome Roscommon in the Connaught final. Sligo will be eager to prove they can cope with the favourite tag and turn over their Leitrim neighbours.

Sligo entered the league season full of hope after gaining back to back promotions. The Yeats County endured a disappointing league campaign, however, as they were relegated after only winning once in seven outings. Leitrim also struggled, finishing seventh in Division 4.

Both managers can boast an All Ireland pedigree. Leitrim’s Mickey Moran was part of the backroom staff as Derry lifted the All Ireland in 1993, while he also guided Mayo to the final in 2006. Sligo manager Kevin Walsh, meanwhile, was part of the Galway team that won two All Irelands. Walsh also picked up three All Star nominations.

Two Sligo players, left-half back David Rooney and left-half-forward Francis Quinn, will be making their Championship debuts. Meanwhile David Kelly and Johnny Davey will not be in the squad and forward Mark Breheny will start on the bench.

Seven players in Leitrim’s squad will make their Championship debut; Ronan Gallagher, Paddy Maguire, Daniel Lowe, Paul Brennan, Robert Lowe, Adrian Croal and Conor Beirne.


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