Leinster V Northampton. Live commentary

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Leinster 33– Northampton 22
Try 6 min. (N) Phil Downson
Con 7 min. (N) Steve Myler
Pen 12 min (L) Jonny Sexton
Con 20 min (N) Myler
Try 32 min (N) Ben Foden
Pen 35 min (L) Sexton
Try 38 min (N) Dylan Hartley
Try 43 min (L) Sexton.
Con 43 min (L) Sexton
Try 53 min (L) Sexton
Con 53 min (L) Sexton
Pen 56 min (L) Sexton
Con 58 min (L) Sexton
Try 64 min (L) Hynes
Con 64 min (L) Sexton

80 min. Full Time Leinster have done it. They have done it. Heineken Cup Champions 2011. Amazing.
78 min. Pen Leinster. More great defence from Leinster
77 min. Knock on from Shane Horgan. Leinster are almost there
76 min. Pen Leinster. Knock on from Northampton
75 min. Leinster’s defence hold strong. Great play from Nacewa
74 min. Northampton are fighting back. This game will go to the wire
72 min. Leinster pour on the pressure
69 min. Great play from Sean O’Brien. Leinster look like a team possessed. Boss on for Redden
67 min. Aston makes great break for Northampton. Great hit from Nacewa
66 min. Sexton misses pen
66 min. Pen for Leinster. Sexton has the chance to extend the lead
65 min. Sexton nails the con
64 min. Try Leinster Hynes gets a third try for Leinster.
60 min. Leinster continue to take the game to Northampton. Northampton look like their legs have gone
58 min. Pen Leinster Sexton puts Leinster 4 points ahead
57 min. What a turn around. Leinster on fire. And yellow card for Northampton. Downson binned for knock on. Pen Leinster
56 min. Leinster take the lead. Pen from Sexton 23-22
55 min. Pen Leinster. Leinster finally get a pen off the scrum
53 min. Try Leinster Sexton yet again. Great play from Leinster scrum. Leinster right back in it
50 min. Five meter scrum for Leinster
49 min. Leinster almost over again. D’Arcy just held up
45 min. Sexton gives Leinster a foothold in Northampton 22
44 min. Sexton nails the con. Leinster back in the game 22-13 Northampton
43 min. Try Leinster onny Sexton gets Leinster back into the game. 22-11 Northampton
42 min. Leinster loose the ball on Northampton 22
41 min. Second half under way
Half time. 22-6 Northampton
38 min. Try Northampton A third try from Northampton. Dylan Hartley gets the third try. Myler misses con
37 min. Huge pressure from Northampton. They are right on Leinsters line
35 min. Sexton nails it. 17-6 Northampton
34 min. Pen Leinster. Huge kick for Sexton.
33 min. Conversation 17-3 Northampton
32min. Try Northampton Good pressure from the Northampton scrum and good play from Myler sends Ben Foden over.
30 min. Leinster loose scrum from their own ball. Northampton are all over Leinster.
28 min. More pressure from Northampton. Five meters from the Leinster line.
27 min. Northampton dominate yet another scrum. Leinster are been pushed all over Cardiff
26 min. Forward pass from Hynes. Too many mistakes from Leinster.
25 min. Yellow card for Northampton. Mujati pinged for pulling Cian Healy back
23 min. Northampton dominate yet another scrum. Myler clears his lines
22 min. Great try chance for Leinster. O Driscoll almost crossed the line. Great defence from Northampton
20 min. Pen Northampton. Great kick from Myler from 45 meters. 10-3 Northampton
19 min. Northampton are winning the battle at scrum time. Mike Ross is suffering at the moment
17 min. Solid lineout from Leinster Knock on from Strauss halts their momentum.
16 min. Great kick from Myler brings Northampton into Leinster 22
14 min. Solid defence from Leinster sees ball turned over on Leinster 22
11 min. Pen Leinster. Sexton nails it after Northampton go over the top in ruck. 7-3 Northampton.
10 min. Northampton are dominating the scrum. They have turned the Leinster scrum again
9 min. Sloppy handling errors by Leinster are stopping them getting back into game
8 min. Leinster fight back. Good play by Heaslip brings play up to Northampton 22
6 min. Steve Myler nails the conversation. 7-0 Northampton
5 min. Try Northampton Phil Downson gets the first try of the game. Good pressure from the Northampton scrum sent Downson clear who powered over a poor Leinster defence to score
4 min. Good defence from Leinster. Solid kick from Sexton that unluckly bounces out on the full
3 min. First scrum. Northampton gain the advantage. Knock on from Heaslip. Scrum to Northampton.
1 min. Aggressive start from Leinster. Both teams kicking the ball to each other
2 min. Northampton have begun well. Good play up to Leinster 22. Then give pen away
1 min. Game is underway Northampton get the game underway
0 min. The teams are about to take the field. Can Leinster win their second Heineken Cup in three years?

0 min played

Leinster will face Northampton in the final of the Heineken cup final looking for their second win in three years. The big news all Leinster supporters wanted to hear arrived yesterday when Brian O’Driscoll was named in the team to face the Zurich premiership side.

You can read a preview of the game here and catch all the team news here ahead of the game.

Leinster: I Nacewa; S Horgan, B O’Driscoll, G D’Arcy, L Fitzgerald; J Sexton, E Reddan; C Healy, R Strauss, M Ross, L Cullen [capt], N Hines, K McLaughlin, S O’Brien, J Heaslip.

Replacements: J Harris-Wright, H Van Der Merwe, S Wright, D Toner, S Jennings, I Boss, I Madigan, F McFadden

Northampton Saints: B Foden; C Ashton, J Clarke, J Downey, P Diggin; S Myler, L Dickson; S Tonga’uiha, D Hartley [capt], B Mujati, C Lawes, C Day, C Clark, P Dowson, R Wilson.

Replacements: B Sharman, A Waller, T Mercey, M Sorenson, M Easter, S Commins, S Geraghty, J Ansbro

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