Former Meath stars question Geraghty call up

Former Meath footballer Bernard Flynn has described the decision to recall Graham Geraghty as “ludicrous”.

Speaking today on RTE Radio, Flynn said: “The decision to bring Graham I, personally, could not understand. I basically thought it was ludicrous. The question here isn’t about how good a footballer Graham Geraghty is. I hold him as one of the greatest we’ve ever had, he’s a class act. That’s not in question.

“But to bring back a 38-year-old with less than two weeks to go (until the Kildare game), I don’t agree with. At 38, your time is up at this level in Gaelic football.”

Liam Hayes also entered the argument saying that he believes that Seamus McEnaney has put his Meath future at risk by recalling the player. In an article in the Irish Examiner the former midfielder said:

“Graham Geraghty’s first year would have been my last with Meath and I don’t know him personally but he’s proven to be a very divisive character. Whether McEnaney knows or understood the whole recent history of Meath I don’t know. I would have thought he’d have given more time to consider bringing him into the squad.

“Bringing a 38-year-old into the squad is a risk in itself but in bringing in Graham Geraghty, he seems to have offered his own head on a plate to the county board. It’s a big call to make and I wonder how much he thought about it. It’s going to be very difficult for him to see through the season now.”


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