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Tyrone 1-13 Monaghan 1-11
70min played

70 min Full time. Tyrone not impressive but get the job done.
69 min Monaghan down to 13 men. Dessie Mone sent off for a reckless challenge.
67 min Finaly gets a point for Monaghan and the deficit is now two points.
66 min Darren Hughes missed the 45.
65 min Duffy with a good chance for Monaghan. 45 for Monaghan.
62 min Monaghan are fighting back and refusing to go down without a fight.
61 min Owen Mulligan pulls his shot wide for Tyrone. Only their second wide in the second half.
60 min Darren Hughes scores a lone range point for Monaghan.
59 min O’Neill gets another point for Tyrone with a punch over the bar.
57 min Good score from Owen Mulligan and they moved three points ahead of Monaghan.
55 min McManus gets his sixth point of the game from that free.
54 min Free in for Monaghan right on Tyrone’s line only three points in the game now.
53 min Stephen O’Neill gets a great score for Tyrone with an excellent point.
51 min Tyrone trying to regain control in the game. They have switched off since the start of the second half.
50 min Hughes buries the pen and Monaghan are right back in the game.
49 min Penalty kick for Monaghan with Darren Hughes taking it.
47 min Good play from Sean Kavanagh and he gets another point for Tyrone.
46 min Free to Monaghan. Finlay knocks the ball over the bar and keeps Monaghan in contention.
45 min Harte slots another point over for Tyrone and increases Tyrone’s lead.
43 min. Penrose fouled once again by Owen Lennon. Monaghan are very ill disciplined.
42 min Penrose misses the pen.
42 min Penrose with the penalty.
41 min Penalty for Tyrone. Donnelly is hauled to the ground.
40 min Great defence from Tyrone denies McGuinness a goal chance.
39 min Sean Kavanagh answers right back for Tyrone to increase their lead to four points.
38 min
37 min Paul Finaly gets the first point of the second half for Monaghan.
36 min Second half is about to get underway.
36 min Half time. Tyrone four points ahead and have the extra man. Monaghan have played well but ill discipline is costing them.
34 min McManus gets another point for Monaghan.
34 min Stephen O’Neill gets another score for Tyrone with a well taken point.
34 min Sean Kavanagh puts Tyrone further ahead now.
33 min Darren Hughes has been yellow carded. Could easily been sent off for striking.
30 min Red card for Monaghan captain Dick Clerkin for off the ball incident.
28 min Jordon fouled again. A lot of fouls been committed by both sides.
25 min Phillip Jordon has been booked. Game is quite stop start but Tyrone are on top.
22 min Harte misses an easy chance for Tyrone.
20 min Tyrone beginning to control the game now.
18 min 45 for Tyrone sails over the bar from Paddy Harte.
16 minGoal for Tyrone. Great play from Tyrone midfield results in first goal of the game from Brian McGuigan.
15 min Tyrone are back to one point behind Monaghan now thanks to point from Penrose
13 min Monaghan take a two point lead thanks to McGuinness’s fourth point of the game.
12 min McGuigan almost scores for Tyrone. Good defence from Monaghan.
11 min Goal chance for Tyrone. But McGuigan knocks the ball over the bar
10 min Tyrone are well off the pace so far in the game
9 min Monaghan almost take the lead again. Inches away from getting another point.
8 min Long range score for Tyrone. Scores level again
7 min Monaghan are back ahead with a well taken free
6 min Monaghan have started the better but game is very scrappy.
5 min Kavanagh gets a score from Tyrone buts takes a huge hit in the process.
4 min McManus puts Monaghan ahead with an excellent score.
3 min Tyrone level the game up.
2 min Tyrone have a chance to level the score with a free kick.
1 min Free to Monaghan. Conor McManus gets the first score of the game.
1 min Both teams have taken the field and the game is about to start.

Tyrone team P McConnell; M Swift, C McCarron, R McMenamin; D Harte, C Gormley, P Jordan; A Cassidy, S Cavanagh; B Dooher, B McGuigan, P Harte; M Penrose, S O’Neill, M Donnelly

Monaghan team: M Keogh; K Duffy, D Hughes, C Walshe; C Galligan, D Mone, O Duffy; O Lennon, D Clerkin; S Gollogly, M Downey, N McAdam; D McKenna, P Finlay, C McManus.

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