Live updates: Leitrim v Roscommon

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Leitrim 0-06 v Roscommon 2-12

70 min played


70 min Full time. Roscommon win in a canter against a very poor Leitrim team.
69 min Kilbride hits the bar with a fist shot.
67 min Free for Leitrim but they drag the shot wide once again.
65 min Second goal for Roscommon with Connor Devanny getting the goal and that’s wraps it up for Roscommon.
63 min Kilbride nails the free.
62 min Free to Roscommon and another chance for Kilbride.
61 mins Kevin Higgins gets his second point for Roscommon.
60 min Croal gets a point for Leitrim with 10 mins to go.
58 min All six forwards for Roscommon have now scored despite not playing very well.
57 min Yet more bad play from Leitrim which is hampering their comeback effort.
56 min Gallagher misses for Leitrim.
55 min Devanney gets on the scoreboard for Roscommon.
54 min Conor Byrne knocks over a free for Leitrim.
53 min More good play for Shine but hits another wide.
52 min Ronan Gallagher scores a second point in a row for Leitrim.
51 min Mulligan gets Leitrim’s third point of the game and the first of the second half.
50 min Poor play from Leitrim again. All too easy for Roscommon.
49 min Kilbride extends Roscommon’s lead to 10 points.
48 min Higgins shot falls short and into McCrann’s hands.
47 min Byrne withdrawn from the fray. Replaced by John McKeown.
46 min Bad effort from Tomas Byrne. Sixth wide for Leitrim.
44 min Shine is having a great game. just pulls his shot wide again.
43 min Shine misses the 45.
42 min Another great save from McCrann and puts it behind for a 45.
41 min Great save from McCrann to deny Kilbride.
40 min Missed chance from Shine for Roscommon.
39 min Excellent score from Kevin Higgins for Roscommon
38 min Renyolds now down for Leitrim.
37 min Bad wide from Leitrim which they cannot afford.
36 min Lowe again hobbling around and now is been taking off. Sweany on as sub
36 min Second half about to start. Huge second half for Leitrim with the wind at their backs.
35 min Half time at Carrick-on-Shannon.
35 min. A good chance for Leitrim but again goes wide.
35 min Roscommon move eight points ahead after sloppy play from Leitrim.
34 min Leitrim overplaying the ball and loose possession yet again
33 min Cathal Cregg gets his first point for Roscommon.
31 min Kilbride with another well taken point for Roscommon.
30 min Last five minutes of the half and Leitrim are fighting back.
28 min Danny Lowe still moving gingerly with his earlier injury.
27 min Great stop from the Leitrim goalkeeper with a goal chance for Roscommon.
25 min Shine with a chance for Roscommon. Falls short yet again.
24 min Side line ball for Leitrim deep in their own half.
23 min Injury for Danny Lowe of Leitrim. May not be able to continue.
22 min Good play from Leitrim but another chance drifts wide.
21 min Leitrim answer back with a point from Conor Byrne.
19 min Great goal from Shine puts Roscommon six points ahead
17 min Another chance for Leitrim falls short.
16 min Second wide for Leitrim from Renyolds
15 min Poor passing from both sides but Roscommon are playing the better.
14 min Fifth wide for Roscommon from Mannion
13 min Fourth wide for Roscommon. Conditions are not helping either side.
12 min Intense defence for Roscommon are denying Leitrim any space.
11 min Kilbride misses another chance for Roscommon.
10 min Sloppy play from Leitrim. They keep giving the ball away when in good positions.
9 min Karl Mannion gets his first point of the game for Roscommon.
8 min Second wide for Roscommon but they on top of Leitrim.
7 min Mulligan almost gets another point. Ball falls short.
6 min Kilbride with another excellent score.
5 min He doesn’t make any mistakes with his second chance Mulligan gets Leitrim up and running.
5 min Good play from Emmet Mulligan for Leitrim but cannot convert his chance.
4 min First wide of the game from Roscommon but they have started much the better.
3 min Great score from Kilbride from the touchline.
2 min Good start by Roscommon. First score of the game from Shine.
1 min Game is just about to get underway.

LEITRIM (SFC v Roscommon): C McCrann; D Reynolds, R Gallagher, P Maguire; B Prior, G Reynolds, W McKeon; T Beirne, D Lowe; P Brennan, E Mulligan, R Lowe; A Croal, C Beirne, J Glancy.

ROSCOMMON (v Leitrim): G Claffey; S McDermott, P Domican, N Carty; I Kilbride, D Keenan, D Ward; M Finneran, K Mannion; S O’Grady, K Higgins, C Cregg; C Devanney, S Kilbride, D Shine. will have live score updates on all GAA Championship matches over the summer.


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