Managers end RTE boycott

Brian Cody and Mickey Moran both gave interviews to RTE at the weekend,signalling an end to the managerial boycott against the national broadcaster.

The pair were two of eight signatories to a letter which was sent to RTE complaining about the manner in which senior commentator Brian Carty had been treated. The managers felt that the latter should be given more opportunities to cover the bigger matches each weekend.

Tyrone manager Mickey Harte, who led the group, confirmed to the Sunday Independent that the managers would speak with RTE after they received a response to their letter.

Harte said: “We took our action last weekend but RTÉ has since corresponded with us and though the response wasn’t what we were hoping for, having received their letter we have decided to make ourselves available for interview again.”

The Tyrone boss also criticised the media for making such a big issue of the stand-off between them and RTÉ:

“There are a few things I want to clear up. For much of last week we have read nothing but easy-street and lazy journalism. People got an opinion, hopped on a bandwagon and basically ran with this notion that we were holding RTÉ over a barrel or holding them to ransom. That is absolutely so far off-the-mark. Did anyone bother to try to source the letter we sent RTÉ?

“Where does it say in the letter that we tried to tell RTÉ what to do? The strongest tone we used in that letter was that we ‘respectfully requested’ a chat with them so we could get our views on Brian across.”


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